capital city of Algeria

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria, which is a country in northern Africa. It is on the northern coast of the country. The population of the city is 1,519,570. After Algeria beacme independent from France, Algiers became a very important city for anti-colonial activists and revolutionaries from around the world.[1]

View over Algiers
View over Algiers
Official seal of Algiers
Algiers the White
Location of Algiers within Algeria
Location of Algiers within Algeria
Coordinates: Coordinates: 36°42′N 3°13′E / 36.700°N 3.217°E / 36.700; 3.217
WilayaAlgiers Province
Re-foundedAD 944
 • Wali (Governor)Khalida Toumi
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Postal codes


The city's name is gotten from the Arabic name al-Jazāʾir (الجزائر), which means "The Islands". This name refers to the four former islands which were off the city's coast before becoming part of the mainland in 1525.[2]

Twin townsEdit

Algiers has many twin towns all over the world:


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