Kama Sutra

ancient Hindu text on erotic love

Kamasutra (Sanskrit: कामसुत्र), also known in Western countries as the Kama Sutra, is an ancient Indian book on love. It was written by Mallanaga Vatsyayana. Part of the book deals with human sexual behavior.[1]

Illustration of a sex position in the Kama Sutra

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  1. Common misconceptions about Kama Sutra. Archived 2007-09-29 at the Wayback Machine “The Kama Sutra is neither a sex-manual nor, as also commonly believed, a sacred or religious work. It is certainly not a tantric text. In opening with a discussion of the three aims of ancient Hindu life – dharma, artha and kamaVatsyayana's purpose is to set kama, or enjoyment of the senses, in context. Thus dharma or virtuous living is the highest aim, artha, the amassing of wealth is next, and kama is the least of the three.” —Indra Sinha.