Karlovac County

county in central Croatia

Karlovac County is a county in central Croatia. Its county seat is Karlovac.

Karlovac County

Karlovačka županija
Flag of Karlovac County
Coat of arms of Karlovac County
Coat of arms
Karlovac County within Croatia
Karlovac County within Croatia
County seatKarlovac
 • Total3,626 km2 (1,400 sq mi)
 • Total128,899
 • Density36/km2 (92/sq mi)
Area code047
ISO 3166 codeHR-04

Bjelolasica mountain is in the county. It has the largest winter sport recreation center in the country.

Administrative divisionEdit

Karlovac County is divided:


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Coordinates: 45°29′35″N 15°33′21″E / 45.49306°N 15.55583°E / 45.49306; 15.55583