Katanga Province

Katanga was one of the four large provinces created in the Belgian Congo in 1914. It was one of the eleven provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1966 and 2015

Katanga Province was a province in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo before it was split into four provinces.[1][2] Its mountains have many valuable ores including the majority of the world's cobalt.

Katanga Province
Province du Katanga
Former province of the
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location of Katanga Province
Coordinates: 11°08′S 27°06′E / 11.133°S 27.100°E / -11.133; 27.100Coordinates: 11°08′S 27°06′E / 11.133°S 27.100°E / -11.133; 27.100
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Established1966 (1966)
Dissolved2015 (2015)
Largest cityLubumbashi
 • Total496,871 km2 (191,843 sq mi)
 (2010 est.)
 • Total5,608,683
 • Density11/km2 (29/sq mi)
Official languageFrench
National languages spokenSwahili

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