Kett's Rebellion

1549 revolt in Norfolk, England during the reign of Edward VI, largely in response to the enclosure of land

Kett's Rebellion was a fight in Norfolk during the reign of Edward VI of England. The rebellion was led by Robert Kett of Wymondham, Norfolk. It started in July 1549.

Kett's Rebellion started in Wymondham after a small group of peasants (poor people) got together to protest against barons, who had stolen the common land, leaving the poor people to die of hunger. The leader was Robert Kett. The peasants marched 16 kilometres into Norwich and gathered on Mousehold Heath. They attracted the support of the poorer people of Norwich.

Hundreds of peasants were killed and 300 were captured and executed in Norwich. Robert Kett was captured, held in the Tower of London and then hanged at Norwich Castle on 7 December 1549.