Khorasan Wars

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Khorasan Wars were a series of battles that took place in the early 1580s in the cities of Mashhad, Nishapur, Torbat Heydarieh and other regions of Khorasan. These wars broke out due to the challenges between the Shamlu and Stajalu clans (supporting Abbas the Great) and the Teklo and Turkmen (supporting king Mohammad Khodabandeh) clans. Khorasan conflicts were a beginning to the coming to power of Abbas the Great and his kingdom.[1]

Abbas Mirza (later title: Abbas the Great) fought with Ali Qali Beg Gurkan Shamlu in Khorasan wars, the siege of Neishabur Castle, the siege of Torbat Castle and the Battle of Tirpul against his father king Muhammad Khodabande (current king).[2]

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