Khost Province

province in southeast Afghanistan

Khost (Pashto: خوست‎) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the east of the country. Khost province used to be part of Paktia Province in the past. Its capital is Khost City.

Khost (خوست)
Country Afghanistan
Capital Khost
 - coordinates 33°24′N 69°54′E / 33.4°N 69.9°E / 33.4; 69.9
Area 4,152 km² (1,603 sq mi)
Population 638,849 [1]
Timezone UTC+4:30
Main language Pashto
Map of Afghanistan with Khost highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Khost highlighted

The current Governor of the Province is Abdul Jabbar Naeemi.[2]

There are 638,849 living in the Province. They are mostly Pashtun.


Districts of Khost (not showing the Shamal District).
Districts of Khost Province
District Capital Population[1] Area[3] Notes
Bak 27,675
Gurbuz 30,751
Zazi Maidan 23,197
Khost Matun 160,214
Mandozayi 61,682
Musakhel 41,998
Nadir Shah Kot 37,193
Qalandar 11,406
Sabari 89,779
Shamal 13,523 Shifted from Paktia Province in 2005
Spera 26,685
Tani 67,096