Killing of Zohra Shah

2020 beating death in Punjab, Pakistan

Zohra Shah (Urdu: زہرہ شاہ) was an eight-year-old Pakistani domestic worker (or slave) of a married couple, Hassan Siddiqui and Umme Kulsoom.[1] She was tortured and killed for mistakenly releasing her employers’ parrots in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi on 1 June 2020.[2][3][4] Her death caused an outcry in Pakistan and led to legislative changes which outlawed child domestic labour in the country.[5]

Zohra Shah
زہرہ شاہ
Born24 March 2012
Died1 June 2020 (aged 8)
Cause of deathBeating
Known forCrime victim

Early life


She was from Basti Maso Shah in Muzaffargarh District of southern Punjab approximately 580 kilometres from the capital, Islamabad.



Allegedly, she was murdered for releasing valuable parrots from their cages.[6] Evidence such as 'older scars and marks'[1] suggest Shah had been repeatedly abused while working for Siddiqui and Kulsoom, and 'wounds on her thighs' were 'consistent with sexual assault'.[1]



Siddiqui and Kulsoom were arrested and put on judicial remand.[1]


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