Sexual assault

act of coercing or physically forcing a person to engage in sexual activity

Sexual assault is a term from law. It means that two people have a sexual relation, but that one of the two does not want this. In most countries, this is a crime. There are different forms of sexual assault, including:

Sexual aggression, engraving by Martin van Maele, of 1905

Very often, cases of sexual assault are not reported, because there is a stigma associated with it. In certain countries, there are laws that will punish the victim, for example for "seducing" someone.

Statistics change

As many as 90-99% of people with developmental disabilities are sexually exploited before they are 18 years old.[1]

A 2010-2011 study in the United States of 1058 people aged 14 to 21 found that 8% had sexually assaulted in their lives. In 66% of cases no one found out and the perpetrator did not get into any trouble. 50% said that their victim was completely to blame. 2% had raped and 3% had tried to rape.[2]

References change

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