Sexual harassment

unwanted sexual attention or advances

Sexual harassment is bullying, coercing or making threats of sexual natures toward other people. The behavior is not appropriate and in some circumstances it is illegal. Ranges of behavior go from seemingly minor annoyances to actual sexual abuse, psychological abuse or assault. For most businesses, the prevention of sexual harassment and defending employees and others from sexual harassment has become a key goal for legal decision-making.

Johann Michael Neder: in the tavern (1833) - Sexual harassment is common in some jobs, such as being a waitress.

The phrase appeared in print in a 1972 issue of The Globe and Mail newspaper published in Toronto.[1] The term 'sexual harassment' was also used in 1973 in a report by Mary Rowe called Saturn's Rings.[2][3]

A 2011 study found that 48% of the 1,965 students surveyed had been sexually harassed. 9% reported the harassment to an adult who worked at school. Girls were more likely to be sexually harassed than boys.[4] Girls are more likely to say that sexual harassment has affected them in a bad way.[5]


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