Kim Jip

Scholar and writer of Joseon

Kim Jip (1574 - 1656) was a Korean politician, scholar, teacher, and writer during the Joseon Dynasty. He was also known as Shindokjae (신독재, 愼獨齋) or Shindok (신독, 愼獨). His Chinese name was Sagang (Chinese: 사강, 士剛). He was the son of Kim Jangsaeng, and the teacher of Song Siyeol and Yun Seongeo.

letter of Kim Jip
certificate of appointment of Kim Jip


  • Shindokjaejip (신독재집, 愼獨齋集)
  • Uiryemunhaesok (의례문해속, 疑禮問解續)

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