Kim Wall

Swedish journalist (1987-2017)

Kim Isabel Fredrika Wall, (23 March 1987 - 10 August 2017)[1] was a Swedish journalist.[2] She worked mostly in other countries and was murdered during work, writing a report about Peter Madsen and his submarine UC3 Nautilus in Køge Bugt Denmark.[3] At the time of her death she lived in Gislöv in Trelleborg.[4]

After school she continued her studies at Lunds University in Sweden. In 2011 she graduated in studies of international relations at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). During her years of studies she also studied at Beijing University. She also graduated from studies in international affairs from Columbia University in New York, there she also studied journalism.[5]

During her time as a freelance journalist her work was published in The Guardian, New York Times, Harper's Magazine, Vice, Slate. And for her work at Exodus in writing the reportage on nuclear tests and climate changes at the Marshall Islands she in 2016 was awarded the Hansel Meith award for Best Digital reportage.[4]

In April 2018 Madsen was found guilty of killing Kim Wall and sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.

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