King's Field

1994 video game

King's Field is an action RPG made by FromSoftware. The game's design would influence how FromSoftware would make their later games, especially the Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Like From's later games, it is a high difficulty RPG where the player would have a slow attack speed. Due to this. the player will need to master the spacing and time of their attacks. However, what makes King's Field different from the later From games is that the game is played from a first-person point-of-view, whereas the later games would be from a third-person point-of-view.

King's Field
Producer(s)Naotoshi Jin
Programmer(s)Eiichi Hasegawa
Artist(s)Sakumi Watanabe
Writer(s)Toshiya Kimura
Shinichiro Nishida
Composer(s)Koji Endo
Kaoru Kono
SeriesKing's Field
  • JP: 16 December 1994
Genre(s)Role-playing video game, first-person

Confusingly, the game called King's Field that came out in the United States was actually called King's Field II in Japan.[1]

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