Video game producer

person in charge of overseeing development of a video game

A video game producer is the person in charge during the development of a video game.

The earliest known use of the term producer in games was by Trip Hawkins. He became the first video game producer when he founded Electronic Arts in 1982. Hawkins believed that a video game producer could be like a record producer, who takes control over the whole development of a video game. Hawkins brought record producers from A&M Records to help train the first video game producers.

Back then, video game producer had a negative reputation as "imitation Hollywood" by game executives and press members. However, it is now a term that is accepted and used more often in video games. The role of the video game producer has been defined by different companies and different teams. There are a number of positions of a producer.

Video game producers earn the third most money in the video game industry. They earn an average of USD$75,000 annually. Associate producers with less than three years experience earn $43,000. However, those between three to six years of experience earn an average of $55,700 annually. Executive producers with over six years experience earn an average of $103,000 annually.[1]


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