municipality in the region of Uusimaa in Finland

Kirkkonummi (Swedish: Kyrkslätt) is a municipality in Uusimaa, Finland. As of January 2014, almost 38,000 people lived in Kirkkonummi. It has an area of 393.3 square kilometres (151.9 sq mi).

Lake Meiko
Coat of arms

Most people speak Finnish, almost 80%.

Kirkkonummi is close to the capital city, Helsinki. Other neighbouring municipalies are Espoo, Vihti and Siuntio.

Kirkkonummi was established in 1330.

Buildings and structures: Finland's tallest structure is a tower that is 185 m tall.[1]


  1. [This tower is now the tallest building in Finland - inside it, cables are made, which are needed all over the world] Retrieved 2023-12-21

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