quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional surface or shape, or planar lamina, in the plane

Area is the amount of space a two dimensional (flat) surface takes up. It is useful because it is how much of a material is needed to make a hollow container. Area is the amount of surface covered by a close object or shape.

Small areas are measured in square centimetre and large areas are measured in square kilometre. Areas of regular shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, can be calculated through formulas. The area of an irregular shape can be calculated through grid or graph paper. The formula of area is length * breadth.

You can use different formulas to find the area of different shapes.

Formula to calculate the area of a Polygon
  • Area of a rectangle is the length of any two touching sides multiplied together. In other words, length times width.
  • Area of a triangle is half of the base multiplied by the perpendicular height. This can be found using the trigonometry formula, .
  • Area of a circle: .

The area of a flat object is related to the surface area and volume of a three-dimensional object.

The area under a curve can be found using integration, from calculus.

Some units used to measure area are square mile and square kilometre.