mountain in Hawaii

Kohala is an extinct shield volcano in Hawaii. It is the oldest of five volcanoes on the Big Island,[1] forming its northwestern part.

Kohala volcano.jpeg
Kohala as seen from Mauna Kea
Highest point
Elevation1,670 m (5,480 ft)
Prominence790 m (2,590 ft)
Coordinates20°05′10″N 155°43′02″W / 20.08611°N 155.71722°W / 20.08611; -155.71722
Kohala is located in Hawaii
Kohala within the Hawaiian Islands
LocationHawaii, United States
Volcanic arcHawaiian Islands
Last eruption120,000 years ago


Around a million years ago, Kohala started erupting.[2] Its last eruption was 120,000 years ago, meaning it's likely extinct.[3] The other volcanoes on the Big Island are either active or dormant. 250,000 to 300,000 years ago, a massive landslide destroyed much of the mountain.[2]

Kamehameha I, the first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii, was born near Kohala in 1758.[4]

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