Koto Okubo

Japanese supercentenarian (24 December 1897 – 12 January 2013)

Koto Okubo [1](December 24, 1897 – January 12, 2013) was a Japanese supercentenarian who, at the time of her death, was the oldest living woman in the world, and second-oldest living person behind Jiroemon Kimura, for less than 4 weeks after Italian-born Americanwoman Dina Manfredini's death on December 17, 2012, after already being the oldest living Japanese woman since Chiyono Hasegawa's death on December 2, 2011, just twelve days after her 115th birthday. She spent her last days in a nursing home in Kawasaki with her son's company. She died of pneumonia at 12.00pm on January 12, 2013, just nineteen days after celebrating her 115th birthday, and was succeeded as the oldest living woman by Misao Okawa, also a Japanesewoman and over 10 weeks younger, and was the second-youngest of only four Japanese people who had become at least 115 years old.[2]


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