Kunar Province

province of Afghanistan
Coordinates: 35°00′N 71°12′E / 35.0°N 71.2°E / 35.0; 71.2

Kunar (Pashto: کونړ) is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan It is in the northeastern part of the country. Its capital is Asadabad. About 413,008 people live in the province. Most of them are Pashtuns.

Kunar (کونړ)
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Country Afghanistan
Capital Asadabad
 - coordinates 35°00′N 71°12′E / 35.0°N 71.2°E / 35.0; 71.2
Population 413,008 [1]
Timezone UTC+4:30
Main language Pashto
Map of Afghanistan with Kunar highlighted
Map of Afghanistan with Kunar highlighted


The districts in Kunar Province as of March 2004 are:[2]

Districts of Kunar
A bridge in Konar province.
Districts of Kunar Province
District Capital Pop.[1] Area[3] Notes
Asadabad 29,177 Is the Capital of Kunar Province, which includes Asadabad and adjacent towns, immediately surrounding the confluence of the Pech and Kunar Rivers
Bar Kunar 20,716
Chapa Dara 28,681
Dangam 15,509
Dara-I-Pech 44,958 Commonly known as the Pech District or Manogai District
Ghaziabad Ghaziabad 7,500 formerly northern Bar Kunar District
Khas Kunar 31,950
Marawara 17,316
Narang Aw Badil 27,937
Nari 32,510
Nurgal 25,047
Sawkai 28,905
Shaigal Aw Shiltal 33,781 formed from northeastern Dangam District
Sirkani 24,080
Wata Pur 28,778 formed from northwestern Asadabad District


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