Kure, Hiroshima

city in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Kure (呉市, Kure-shi) is a Japanese city in Hiroshima Prefecture on the island of Honshu.[1]

Map of Hiroshima Prefecture showing Kure


In 1894, Prime Minister Itō Hirobumi transfered the Imperial Headquarters (Daihon'ei) to Kure.[2]

The modern city of Kure was founded in 1902.

The natural harbor was a naval base until the end of the Second World War.[1] The Japanese battleship Yamato was built at Kure.[3]


  • 1889: Kure Army base established
  • 1894: Imperial Diet met at Kure[2]
  • 1902: City of Kure created from merger of Washō, Futagawa, Miyahara and Sōyamada
  • 1903: Kure Naval Arsenal established.


  • Goko Academy


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