Kyoto University

national university located in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto University (京都大学, Kyōto daigaku), or Kyodai (京大, Kyōdai) is a Japanese university in Kyoto. It is the second oldest Japanese university.[4] It is in the city of Kyoto in Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto University
Motto in English
Freedom of academic culture
EstablishedFounded June 18, 1897
Endowment¥ 250.2 billion (2.2 billion USD)
Academic staff
2,864 (Teaching Staff)[1]
Administrative staff
5,397 (Total Staff)[1]
Location, ,
135 ha (333 acres)
Athletics48 varsity teams
ColorsDark blue     
AffiliationsKansai Big Six, Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning


Kyoto Imperial University (京都帝國大學, Kyōto-teikoku-daigaku) was established on June 1897 as a part of the Imperial university system.[5]

The College of Law and the College of Medicine were founded in 1899, and the College of Letters was established in 1906.[5]

In October 1947, Kyoto Imperial University was renamed Kyoto University.[4]


Kyoto University has the following schools[6].

  • Faculty of Integrated Human Studies
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Letters
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Education
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Law[7]
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Economics
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Science
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Medicine[8]
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Engineering
  • Faculty & Graduate School of Agriculture

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