Kyu Sakamoto

Japanese singer and actor (1941-1985)

Kyu Sakamoto "坂本九" (real name "Hisasi Osima") was a singer and actor, born on December 10, 1941 in Kanagawa, Japan.

Sakamoto's song "Sukiyaki" became the first Japanese song in the United States to sell a million copies and reached No.1 on a music chart on June 15, 1963.[1] Its original (Japanese) title is "上を向いて歩こう" which means "I look up as I walk". He died on August 12, 1985 in an airplane accident during a flight on Japan Airlines Flight 123) aboard from Kanagawa in Japan.[2]

His hit songs change

His major hit songs were as follows.[3]

  • 何もいらない俺だけど (1959)
  • 悲しき六十才 (1960)
  • ステキなタイミング (Good Timi`n) (1960)
  • 月夜に歩けば (Walkin' in The Moonlight) (1961)
  • カレンダーガール (Calendar Girl) (1961)
  • 見上げてごらん夜の星を (1963)
  • 上を向いて歩こう (Sukiyaki) (1963)
  • 幸せなら手をたたこう (1964)
  • 涙くんさよなら (1965)[4]

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