L. Kirchner

British diver and swimmer

L. Kirchner was a British swimmer and diver in the early 20th-century from London. She was one of the earliest British female international swimmers. Footman was a member of the Battersea Swimming Club and was trained by professor Barrows.[1]

L. Kirchner
Personal information
ClubBattersea Swimming Club
Coachprofessor Barrows

As of 1907 Kirchner Footman had 22 swimming victories. However her specialty was diving, winning for instance the Ealing Open Diving Competition. She competed at the 1907 international Ondine de Paris aquatics competitions in Paris, France. The first international women's aquatics competition in France. Kirchner finished second in the diving event, together with Frenchwoman Marie Baron. In the international 200 metre swimming event she finished fifth. She also competed in the international 60 metre handicap style race.[1]

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