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LOL, or lol, is an internet slang term that means "laugh(ing) out loud". It is commonly mistaken for "lots of love." LOL is often used in messages meaning "That is really funny."

LOL on candy
LOL on a pilar

It also means mute in Persian and is a native Dutch word (not an acronym) which means "fun" ("lollig" means "funny"). In Welsh, lol means nonsense - e.g., if a person wanted to say "utter nonsense" in Welsh, they would say "rwtsh lol".[1] LOL is usually used on the internet or when text messaging.[2]

Words similar to "LOL" change

  • lolz, lulz, lul, lawls: Sometimes used instead of LOL, but can have other meanings.
  • LOOOOOL: For more emphasis. Any amount of "OL"s can be added to the end of LOL.
  • LMAO: Stands for "Laugh my ass off". Another way to say it is LMFAO ("Laugh my fucking ass off").
  • ROFL: For "rolling on the floor laughing". It is often combined with LMAO to make ROFLMAO ("Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off"). Another way to write this is ROTFL.[3]
  • ROTFLOL: Rolling on the floor laughing out loud; used by Weird Al in the song "White and Nerdy".
  • LEL: Basically lol; except used by those wanting to be different from the millions of internet users.[4]
  • kek: The Japanese version of saying Lol.

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