Labia majora

outer folds of the vulva

The labia majora (singular: labium majus) are two well known areas where the skin folds that extend downward and backward from the mons pubis to the perineum. Together with the labia minora they form the labia of the vulva.[1]

Labia majora
Labia majora of the vulva
PrecursorGenital swelling
ArteryDeep external pudendal artery
NervePerineal branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
Latinlabium majus pudendi
Anatomical terminology
Detailed view of a human vulva (with anatomical features described): 1 - Clitoral Hood, 2. Clitoris, 3. Labia majora, 4. Urinary opening, 5. Labia minora, 6. Anus, 7. Vaginal opening, 8. Perineum

The labia majora are homologous to the male scrotum.

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