Legends of Chima

Danish-Canadian animated television series

Legends of Chima is an Canadian computer-animated television series based on the Legends of Chima LEGO sets. It is shown on Cartoon Network. It is about a young lion warrior named Laval who is part of the Lion Tribe. He teams up with other good tribes to go on epic quests and defeat evil tribes. The show has 3 seasons, with a total of 41 episodes.

Cast change

  • David Attar as Cragger, Lennox, Rogon, Ripnik, Reegull, Stealthor
  • Bethany Brown as Eris, Crooler, Spinlyn, Rinona, Wonald
  • Matt Cronander as Willhurt, Ewar, Elon
  • Bill Courage as Crominus, Lagravis, Longtooth, Lavertus, Mottrot
  • Chris Durchand as Dom De La Woosh, Sir Fangar, Strainor
  • Jesse Inocalla as Plovar, Grumlo, Runk, Sparracon, Fluminox
  • Meghan Kinsley as Crunket, G'Loona, Windra, Li'ella, Maula
  • John Nelson as Wakz, Crug, Balkar, Rukus, Flinx
  • Michael Patric as Gorzan, Scorm, Mungus, Voom Voom, Eglor
  • Scott Shantz as Laval, Worriz, Skinnet, Furtivo, Razcal, Sparratus, Scolder, Scutter, Lundor, Vardy, Firox
  • Jeff Evans Todd as Razar, Bladvic, Crawley, Winzar, Leonidas, Equila, Ewald
  • Adam White as Foltrax, Vornon
  • Dave Pettitt as Tormak