Cartoon Network

American cable television channel
This article is about the American television channel. For international versions, see Cartoon Network (international) found on channel 63.

Cartoon Network (often abbreviated as CN and stylised as CARTOON NETWORK) is an American television channel. It broadcasts television programs that are suitable for older children and teenagers. Most of the shows are animated cartoon series, but some live-action shows are also broadcast. However, at night Cartoon Network switches to CNN Primetime which broadcasts programs for news instead.

Cartoon Network
Logo used since 2010
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide
  • English
  • Spanish (with SAP; a Spanish language simulcast of the channel is also available)
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to letterboxed 480i for the SDTV feed)
OwnerWarner Bros. Discovery
ParentThe Cartoon Network, Inc. (Warner Bros.)
Sister channels
LaunchedOctober 1, 1992; 31 years ago (1992-10-01)
(channel space shared with nighttime programming block Adult Swim and preschool programming block Cartoonito)
Available on most cable providersChannel slots vary on each system
Dish NetworkChannel 176 (East)
Channel 177 (West)
DirecTVChannel 296 (East)
Channel 297 (West)
Channel 1296 (VOD)
C band
  • AMC-11 – Channel 18 (4DTV Digital)
  • AMC-18 – Channel 20 (Headend in the Sky H2H 4DTV)
CenturyLink Prism
  • Channel 325 (East; SD)
  • Channel 326 (West; SD)
  • Channel 1326 (East HD)
  • Channel 1327 (West HD)
  • Channel 3054 (Spanish feed; SD)
Google FiberChannel 351
Verizon FiOS
  • Channel 257 (SD)
  • Channel 757 (HD)
  • Channel 1726 (SD) (Spanish feed)
U-verse TV
  • Channel 325 (East; SD)
  • Channel 326 (West; SD)
  • Channel 1325 (East; HD)
  • Channel 1326 (West; HD)
Streaming media
YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV

Cartoon Network first launched on October 1, 1992 through cable and satellite television in the United States by Turner Broadcasting System (or TBS for short). In the early years, many of the shows featured on the channel were classic cartoons and Hanna-Barbera shows. TBS later launched Cartoon Network Studios to make flagship original shows specifically for Cartoon Network.

After successfully launching the channel in the United States, TBS decided to launch the channel in other countries. The Cartoon Network channels in other countries distributes Cartoon Network's original shows in different languages.

Cartoon Network is a cable channel for the franchises like Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many others.

History change

On August 9, 1986, Turner Broadcasting System acquired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists. On October 18, Turner forcibly sold back MGM. However, Turner kept much of the film and television library made before May 1986 (including some of the UA library) and formed Turner Entertainment Co.[1] On October 8, 1988, its cable channel Turner Network Television was launched and gained an audience with its extensive film library.[2] In 1991, Turner also purchased the library of animation studio Hanna-Barbera.[3][4] Ted Turner selected Betty Cohen (then-Senior Vice President of TNT) to devise a network to house these programs.[5] On February 18, 1992, Turner Broadcasting announced its plans to launch Cartoon Network as an outlet for an animation library.[6] On October 1, 1992, the network officially launched as the first 24-hour single-genre cable channel with animation as its main theme. The continuity announcers would call it "The Cartoon Network," until 1995, when it was simply dubbed Cartoon Network as it is today.

In 1994, Hanna-Barbera's new division Cartoon Network Studios was founded and started production on What a Cartoon! This show debuted in 1995, offering original animated shorts. In 1996, Cartoon Network aired two programs: Big Bag, a live-action/puppet show produced by Children's Television Workshop (not counting Sesame Street), and Small World an anthology TV series. Turner Broadcasting System merged with Time Warner,[7] which consolidated/reverted ownership of all the Warner Bros. cartoons. The network could then continue more original productions.

Production company change

Cartoon Network Studios is the channel’s production company. it was founded in 1995.

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