Lick Observatory

astronomical observatory, California, USA

The Lick Observatory is an astronomical observatory. It is owned and operated by the University of California. It is on Mount Hamilton, in the Diablo Range just east of San Jose, California, USA. The observatory is managed by the University of California Observatories. Its headquarters is on the campus of University of California, Santa Cruz.

Lick Observatory
Lick Observatory Refractor.jpg
Lick Observatory's James Lick telescope housed in the South (large) Dome of main building
Named afterJames Lick Edit this on Wikidata
OrganizationUniversity of California Edit this on Wikidata
Observatory code 662 Edit this on Wikidata
Locationnear San Jose, California
Coordinates37°20′29″N 121°38′34″W / 37.341388888889°N 121.64277777778°W / 37.341388888889; -121.64277777778Coordinates: 37°20′29″N 121°38′34″W / 37.341388888889°N 121.64277777778°W / 37.341388888889; -121.64277777778
Altitude1,283 m (4,209 ft) Edit this at Wikidata Edit this at Wikidata
TelescopesAnna L. Nickel telescope
Automated Planet Finder
C. Donald Shane Telescope
Carnegie telescope
Coudé Auxiliary Telescope
Crossley telescope
James Lick telescope
Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope
Tauchmann telescope Edit this on Wikidata
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Significant discoveriesEdit

The following astronomical objects were discovered at Lick Observatory:[source?]


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