Liese Prokop

Austrian pentathlete (1941-2006)

Liese Prokop (March 27, 1941December 31, 2006) was an Austrian athlete and politician. Prokop was born in Vienna, Austria. Before being married to Gunnar Prokop, her name was Liese Sykora. The two had two sons and a daughter. Prokop won the silver medal in the Pentathlon in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Prokop was the first female Austrian Minister for Interior affairs. She was in charge of the security of Austria, including its police force. She was a member of the ÖVP, Austrian people's party.

Liese Prokop, June 2006

She died unexpectedly December 31, 2006 of a torn aorta [1] while being taken to a hospital in St. Pölten.


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