List of Dalriadan monarchs

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This is a list of monarchs who ruled Dalriada or Dál Riata, most reigns we are unsure of, so some reigns will be represented by their death and next to that a possible reign. All reigns from 726 are most likely true except Alpín I, Eógan and Indrechtach which we do not know the reign of.

Kingdom of Dalriada
Former Monarchy
Map of Dalriada
First monarch Loarn
Last monarch Cináed
Monarchy started 5th century
Monarchy ended 858
1700 print of Alpin MacEchdach II, ruled 834.

Prior to the Battle of Mag Rath[1]Edit

  • Loarn (unknown death) (unknown) est.
  • Fergus Mór (unknown death) (-501) est. (sometimes 496-499)
  • Domangart Réti (unknown death) (501-507) est.
  • Comgall (died c. 540) (507-540) est. (possibly 505-540)
  • Gabrán (died c. 560) (540-560) est.
  • Conall I (died c. 574) (560-574) est.
  • Áedan (died c. 606) (574-606) est.
  • Eochaid Buide (died c. 629) (606-629) est.
  • Connad Cerr (died c. 629, before Eochaid) (-629) est.
  • Domnall Brecc (died c. 642) (629-642) est.
  • Ferchar (unknown death) (642-unknown) est. (before 654)

After the Battle of Mag RathEdit

Pictish RuleEdit

Kenneth I of Scotland, last king of Dalriada, king of Pictland, Dalriada and Scotland.

Dalriada was ruled by possibly Pictish kings from 736-750, no kings are known during this period (after 741). There is also a possibility that it was a puppet state of Pictland ruled by some Pictish lords.

After the 740s[2]Edit

Unknown RulesEdit

No-one knows the kings who rules Dalriada from the year 792-805 although Causatantín could have ruled during this time when he was king of the Picts.

After 805Edit

The Unknown Period[3]Edit

  • Óengus (c. 820-834) - king of the Picts
  • Alpín II (834???) - king of the Picts and Dalriada
  • Cináed (834-858) - king of the Picts (later Dalriada) - disputed
  • Áed (c. 835-839)
  • Eóganán (837-839) - king of the Picts
  • Alpín II (834???)
  • Cináéd (as king of Dalriada) (843-858) - disputed


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