List of North Carolina hurricanes (1950–79)

List of hurricanes or North Carolina between 1950 to 1979

The list of North Carolina hurricanes between 1950 and 1979 includes 79 tropical cyclones that struck or affected the U.S. state of North Carolina.

August 14, 1953: Hurricane Barbara hits near Morehead City. It brings rain and 90-to-100-mile-per-hour (140-to-160-kilometre-per-hour) winds. Damage is near $1.1 million. One person is killed.[1]

August 30-31, 1954: Hurricane Carol passes just east of the state. It produces wind gusts near 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres per hour) and rain. Damage is minor.

October 15, 1954: Hurricane Hazel comes ashore at the North Carolina/South Carolina border as a mild Category 4 hurricane. The storm destroys 15,000 buildings. It is the most damaging hurricane at the time to affect or hit North Carolina. Damage is near $136 million. Nineteen people are killed by the storm.[2]

August 12, 1955: Hurricane Connie strikes the Outer Banks. It drops about 12 inches (30 centimetres) of rain. No deaths are reported in North Carolina. Damage totals are around $80 million.

August 17, 1955: Hurricane Diane strikes near Wilmington just five days after the previous hurricane. Wind damage is light. There are no deaths in North Carolina.

September 18-19, 1955: Hurricane Ione strikes near Morehead City. The storm floods eastern North Carolina with rain and high tides. Ione kills seven people, two indirectly. Damage in the state totals $88 million.

September 26-27, 1958: Hurricane Helene moves parallel to the state's coast and the Outer Banks. Winds are 135 miles per hour (217 kilometres per hour). The wind causes moderate structural and crop damage. The overall damage is $11 million.



September 12, 1960: Hurricane Donna moves across the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There is heavy damage from high winds and waves. Damage in North Carolina is $56.5 million. Eight people are killed, five directly.

August 29-30, 1964: Former Hurricane Cleo enters the state as a tropical depression. It causes several tornadoes. It drops heavy rain.

October 16, 1964: Hurricane Isbell enters the state at Morehead City with gusty winds and heavy rain. Damage is minor.

June 21, 1972: The remnants of Hurricane Agnes become a tropical storm again over the northeastern part of North Carolina. In the state, it causes record river flooding. The storm kills two people in North Carolina.[3]

August 9, 1976: Hurricane Belle passes just to the east of North Carolina. It produces a storm tide and strong wind gusts that leave areas flooded.


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