Prime Minister of Greenland

The Prime Minister of Greenland (Template:Lang-kl, lit Leader of the Government; Danish: Landsstyreformand), officially referred to as the Premier,[2] is the head of the Government of Greenland. The incumbent prime minister is Kim Kielsen of the Siumut party.

Prime Minister of Greenland
Naalakkersuisut Siulittaasuat
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Kim Kielsen. Nordiska raoedets session i Helsingfors 2012.jpg
Kim Kielsen

since 30 September 2014
His Excellency (diplomatic, outside Greenland and Denmark[1])
Member ofCabinet
SeatInatsisartut, Nuuk, Greenland
AppointerThe Monarch
Based on Appointee's ability to gain majority support in the Inatsisartut
Term lengthNo fixed term, up to four years
Formation1 May 1979
First holderJonathan Motzfeldt
WebsitePrime Minister's Office

The prime minister is usually leader of the majority party in the Parliament of Greenland. Jonathan Motzfeldt became Prime Minister after home rule was granted to Greenland in 1979.

List of prime ministers of GreenlandEdit

No. Prime Minister Took office Left office Time in office Party Election
1Motzfeldt, JonathanJonathan Motzfeldt
1 May 197918 March 199111 years, 321 daysSiumut1979
2Johansen, LarsLars-Emil Johansen
(born 1946)
18 March 199119 September 19976 years, 185 daysSiumut1991
(1)Motzfeldt, JonathanJonathan Motzfeldt
19 September 199714 December 20025 years, 86 daysSiumut1999
3Enoksen, HansHans Enoksen
(born 1956)
14 December 200212 June 20096 years, 180 daysSiumut2002
4Kleist, KuupikKuupik Kleist
(born 1958)
12 June 20095 April 20133 years, 297 daysInuit Ataqatigiit2009
5Hammond, AleqaAleqa Hammond
(born 1965)
5 April 201330 September 20141 year, 178 daysSiumut2013
6Kielsen, KimKim Kielsen
(born 1966)
30 September 2014Incumbent5 years, 237 daysSiumut2014


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