List of The Fairly OddParents episodes

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This is a complete listing of episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series The Fairly OddParents.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD releases
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 12 September 4, 1998 March 23, 2001 N/A N/A N/A
March 30, 2001 August 31, 2001 June 2, 2009 August 3, 2002 [1] N/A
2 14 December 14, 2001 November 8, 2002 June 2, 2009 N/A N/A
3 20 November 30, 2002 November 14, 2003 May 16, 2011 N/A N/A
4 20 January 16, 2004 February 14, 2005 June 3, 2011 N/A N/A
5 21 May 2, 2005 June 19, 2007 June 3, 2011 N/A N/A
6 20 February 18, 2008 May 3, 2009 November 18, 2008 (Volume 1) N/A N/A
7 20 July 6, 2009 August 5, 2012 June 10, 2011 N/A N/A
8 6 February 12, 2011 December 29, 2011 TBA N/A N/A
9 26 November 29, 2012 TBA TBA N/A N/A


Oh Yeah! Cartoon Shorts (1998–2001)Edit

  • "The Fairly OddParents!"
  • "Too Many Timmys!
  • "Where's the Wand?"
  • "Party of Three"
  • "The Fairy Flu!"
  • "The Temp"
  • "The Zappys"
  • "Scouts Honor"
  • "The Really Bad Day!"
  • "Super Humor"

Season 1 (2001)Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date
1a1a"The Big Problem!"Butch Hartman and Jaime DiazSteve MarmelButch Hartman and Bernie PettersonMarch 30, 2001 (2001-03-30)
1b1b"Power Mad!"Butch HartmanSteve Marmel
Mike Bell and Steve Marmel (story)
Butch HartmanMarch 30, 2001 (2001-03-30)
2a2a"Spaced Out"Butch HartmanMike Bell, Butch Hartman, and Steve MarmelButch Hartman and Barry BunceApril 6, 2001 (2001-04-06)
2b2b"Transparents!"Butch Hartman and Larry LeichliterButch Hartman and Steve MarmelButch Hartman and Jon DanielloApril 6, 2001 (2001-04-06)
3a3a"A Wish Too Far!"Butch HartmanSteve Marmel
Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel (story)
Butch Hartman and Erik WieseApril 13, 2001 (2001-04-13)
3b3b"Tiny Timmy!"Butch Hartman and Larry LeichliterSteve Marmel
Butch Hartman, Mike Bell, and Steve Marmel (story)
Paul McEvoyApril 13, 2001 (2001-04-13)
4a4a"Father Time!"Butch Hartman and Jaime DiazButch Hartman and Steve MarmelJohn Fountain and Butch HartmanApril 20, 2001 (2001-04-20)
4b4b"Apartnership!"Butch HartmanButch Hartman and Steve MarmelJohn Fountain and Butch HartmanApril 20, 2001 (2001-04-20)
5a5a"Chin Up!"Butch HartmanSteve MarmelPaul McEvoy and Butch HartmanApril 27, 2001 (2001-04-27)
5b5b"Dog's Day Afternoon"Butch Hartman and Larry LeichliterSteve MarmelPaul McEvoy and Butch HartmanApril 27, 2001 (2001-04-27)
6a6a"Dream Goat!"Butch Hartman and Larry LeichliterSteve Marmel
Butch Hartman, Mike Bell, and Steve Marmel (story)
John FountainMay 4, 2001 (2001-05-04)
6b6b"The Same Game"Butch HartmanButch Hartman and Steve MarmelPaul McEvoy and Butch HartmanMay 4, 2001 (2001-05-04)
77"Christmas Everyday!"Butch HartmanButch Hartman and Steve Marmel
Butch Hartman, Tracy Berna, and Steve Marmel (story)
Butch Hartman and Bob BoyleDecember 12, 2001 (2001-12-12)

Season 2 (2002-03)Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date
8a1a"Boys in the Band"Butch HartmanButch Hartman and Steve MarmelButch Hartman and Paul McEvoyMarch 1, 2002 (2002-03-01)
8b1b"Hex Games"Butch HartmanTim O'RourkeBob BoyleMarch 1, 2002 (2002-03-01)
9a2a"Boy Toy"Butch HartmanButch Hartman and Steve MarmelButch Hartman and Jim SchumannMarch 8, 2002 (2002-03-08)
9b2b"Inspection Detection"Butch HartmanSpencer Green
Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel (story)
Butch HartmanMarch 8, 2002 (2002-03-08)
10a3a"Action Packed"John Fountain and Butch HartmanTracy Berna and Steve MarmelJohn FountainMarch 22, 2002 (2002-03-22)
10a3a"Smarty Pants"Butch Hartman and John FountainTracey BernaJohn FountainMarch 22, 2002 (2002-03-22)

Season 2Edit

1. Boys in the Band / The Hex Games

A. Timmy kidnaps Chip Skylark because everybody is remembering Chip's concert and not Timmy's birthday; Vicky tries to marry Chip. Chip apologizes for everyone forgetting his birthday, and Timmy saves Chip from Vicky.
B. Vicky and Timmy duel it out for the position of "Queen of the Skatepark."
Vicky's Head Gag: Electric Guitar

2. Boy Toy / Inspection Detection

A. Timmy shrinks and his Chin toy springs to life, due to a wish for Timmy to play with it one more time. The duo adventure through Vicky's yard.
B. C&W have a fairy inspection; Timmy is framed for shoplifting in the Wall-to-Wall Mart.
Vicky's Head Gag: Crimson Chin

3. Action Packed / Smarty Pants

A. Timmy wishes his life was like an action movie, since his everyday life is BORING!!!
B. Timmy wishes he knew everything, but loses his ability while trying to use it in a competition.
Vicky's Head Gag: Brain

5. Super Bike / A Mile in My Shoes

A. Timmy gets a cool new bike, but it keeps tearing him away from his friends and family.
B. Timmy and his fairies switch places for a day, and realize how difficult each other's lives are.
Vicky's Head Gag: Tire

4. Timvisible / That Ol' Black Magic

A. Timmy wishes he was invisible to avoid the school bully, but nearly misses an award ceremony. Crocker tries to capture Timmy (while he's invisible) as proof of fairies.
B. Anti-fairies cause Timmy bad luck on Friday the 13th. A running gag is that Timmy keeps stepping on cracks, breaking Mrs. Turner's back, and then blaming it on his dad.
Vicky's Head Gag: Four-leaf Clover

6. Foul Balled / The Boy Who Would Be Queen

A. Timmy wishes Chester was the greatest baseball player, but nobody else on the team ("The Losers") gets to play anymore. A running gag is that Dad doesn't wear his pants.
B. Timmy becomes a girl in order to find out what Trixie wants for her birthday, becoming "Timantha", while Cosmo and Wanda change genders. A running gag is that Chester and A.J. find Timantha doing boy things (for example: going to the mall's arcade and the comic book shop). Other running gags include the "Girl-to-Geek" Translator (used by Chester and A.J.) and the "Geek-to-Girl" Translator (used by Trixie), and A.J. greeting girls with a dead frog.
Vicky's Head Gag: Baseball

7. Totally Spaced Out / The Switch Glitch

A. Another encounter with alien Prince Mark Chang of Yugopotamia causes big trouble.
B. Timmy wishes he was Vicky's babysitter so he can get revenge, but the tables turn when Vicky gets Timmy's fairies.
Vicky's Head Gag: Vicky and Timmy swap heads

8. Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad / Knighty Knight

A. Mom and Dad are always too stressed when they get home from work to pay attention to him, so Timmy wishes that Mom and Dad had superpowers so they wouldn't have to put in as much effort. But then they start paying more attention to crime-fighting than to him.
B. Timmy wishes he was back in the Middle Ages, and must stop his parents from being eaten by a dragon, which is impervious to magic.
Vicky's Head Gag: Dragon

9. Fairy, Fairy Quite Contrary / Nectar of the Odds

A. Timmy and Remy Buxaplenty have a Magical Duel. Cosmo and Remy's fairy godparent and Wanda's ex-boyfriend, Juandissimo Magnifico, fight for Wanda's love.
B. Timmy sells lemonade in order to buy tickets for "Crash Nebula on Ice", but it tastes terrible. However, when Cosmo dunks his sweaty socks in the lemonade, it becomes the tastiest lemonade ever... and it starts granting people's wishes!
Vicky's Head Gag: Lemon

10. Hail to the Chief / Twistory

A. Timmy becomes class president, but soon finds out it is not all it is cracked up to be.
B. Timmy wishes the great American leaders into his house to finish his report, but because they've vanished from history, the U.S. goes back to being British colonies!
Vicky's Head Gag: George Washington

11. Fool's Day Out / Deja Vu

A. Timmy summons the April Fool so he can pull pranks on people, but the April Fool is intent on destroying the world.
B. Timmy gets a magical watch that can turn back time, but Vicky gets a hold of it.
Vicky's Head Gag: April Fool
Timmy goes into the Internet to get back a romantic e-mail accidentally sent to Trixie; Crocker tries to use the Internet to spy on Timmy's fairies. In the end, Timmy has to stop the information Crocker taped from spreading throughout the world! a running gag is the battering ram used by Dad, A.J.'s mom, Trixie's dad, and Mama Crocker
Vicky's Head Gag: Computer

12. Scary Godparents

13. Ruled Out / That's Life

14. Shiny Teeth / Odd Odd West

Timmy wishes everyone really was what they dressed up as for Halloween, but some kids are dressed up as supervillains content on destroying the world, and C&W are dressed up so they're not fairies anymore!
Vicky's Head Gag: Pumpkin

Season 3Edit

2. Information Stupor Highway

A. Timmy wishes that his parents cared less, and they start giving him candy for lunch and letting him watch violent TV; but eventually, they start ignoring hygiene and other such things.
B. When Timmy wishes that his mom's garden was full of life, his dead hamster Eddie, who was buried in the yard, comes back from the dead... and he wants revenge on Timmy and his parents.
Vicky's Head Gag: Onion
A. Dr. Bender steals Chip Skylark's teeth before a big video shoot. Timmy has to get the teeth back before Chip is replaced!
B. Timmy tries to stop Dimmsdale Flats from being torn down.
Vicky's Head Gag: Tooth

11. Microphony / So Totally Spaced Out

A. Timmy starts his own radio station and puts Vicky out of business.
B. Mark gets Timmy to get rid of invaders on Yugopotamia.
Vicky's Head Gag: Radio

4. Love Struck

Timmy wishes boys and girls lived on a different side of the Earth.
Vicky's Head Gag:

1. Cosmo Con / Wanda's Day Off

A. Cosmo holds a top-secret fairy convention in Timmy's bathroom. Unfortunately, Mr. Crocker comes over for dinner on the same day as the convention!
B. Wanda takes a vacation, and Cosmo's sure he can handle things while she's gone. He can't, and thanks to a wish gone awry, cockroaches try to take over the world.
Vicky's Head Gag:

3. Odd Jobs / Movie Magic

A. Timmy tries to get his Dad a cool new job, but results in him almost sending Dad to Uranus for 23 years.
B. Timmy tries to make a great, incredible, fantastic movie to impress Trixie.
Vicky's Head Gag:

10. Abra-Catastrophe!

Timmy celebrates his 1st "Fairy-versary" (anniversary with fairies) with Cosmo and Wanda, during which he is given a magic muffin that grants the wish of anyone who takes a bite out of it. An important difference between this muffin and a normal wish is that it's a "Rule-Free Muffin," which means that desires like wishing for more wishes become granted, and the muffin doesn't discriminate among its eaters--anyone and everyone who bites into the muffin can get a wish. Because of this muffin, monkeys take over the world, and then Mr. Crocker does the same. Everything turns out O.K. in the end though.

7. Sleep Over and Over / Mother Nature

A. Timmy tries to get his friends back together after an argument at Timmy's sleepover.
B. Timmy's Mom becomes the new weatherwoman after the first three are ran out of town. Timmy has to stop Mom from making bad predictions!
Vicky's Head Gag: Gelatin-brand gelatin

6. The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad / Engine Blocked

A. Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad team up with the Crimson Chin to stop the Nega-Chin from taking over the 3-D world!
B. Dad becomes obsessed with his new car.
Vicky's Head Gag: Car Engine

5. Most Wanted Wish / This is Your Wish

A. Timmy wishes he was the most wanted kid on the planet.
B. Cosmo goes onto a show similar to This is Your Life, with one difference - the audience gets to choose whether he (A) stays with Timmy or (B) goes home with Mama Cosma! Timmy and Wanda have to stop the audience from choosing B!
Vicky's Head Gag: Rock

8. Beddy Bye / The Grass is Greener

A. Timmy wishes away sleep, but the Sandman goes out of business!
B. Timmy runs away to a rule-free super-gross Carnival.
Vicky's Head Gag: Hourglass

9. The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

Timmy finds out how Crocker became the miserable fairy-obsessed teacher he is today.
Vicky's Head Gag: Mr. Crocker

16. Kung Timmy / Which Witch is Which?

A. Timmy gets kung-fu training to stand up for himself when Francis takes everything of his from his lunch money, to his family's car and their house deed.
B. Timmy goes back in time to get proof of "folk-legend" hero "Dale Dimm" so his friends will make a float of Mr. Dimm for the "Founders and Invention of the Sandwich Day".
Vicky's Head Gag: Witch

12. Pipe Down / The Big Scoop

A. Timmy wishes away sound.
B. What was happening with Chester and A.J. during Episode 3A: A Wish too Far?
Vicky's Head Gag: Zipped mouth

13. Crime Wave / Odd Ball

A. Timmy wishes himself out of the bathtub to get a new Crimson Chin comic book, but C&W forget to dress him! Meanwhile, the Chin fights crime inside another issue.
B. A mere 36 hours after Timmy gets a new video game for his V-Cube (parody of Xbox and GameCube), the system breaks! To earn enough money to buy a new V-Cube, he works as ball boy for Dimmsdale's Ball Hogs, the selfish basketball team (owned by Doug Dimmadome, the richest man in Dimmsdale) that never wins. If Timmy can't convince them to share, they'll move to Alaska and Timmy will never replace his V-Cube.
Vicky's Head Gag: Basketball

14. Where's Wanda? / Imaginary Gary

A. Wanda goes missing before a "Secret Probation Hearing" and Timmy and Cosmo try to find her. A running gag is Cosmo saying "Right..." to everything.
B. Timmy wishes his old imaginary friend "Gary" into existence, but he ultimately takes over Timmy's life. And, to make matters worse, Gary and Timmy now share C&W...
Vicky's Head Gag: Fishbowl labeled with a question mark.

18. Chip off the Old Chip / Snow Bound

15. Miss Dimmsdale / Mind Over Magic

17. Hard Copy / Parent Hoods

A. Timmy and Chip Skylark switch voices.
B. Timmy and Vicky are forced to team up when they're trapped in an avalanche; C&W are frozen solid for a majority of this episode.
Vicky's Head Gag: Snowman

Season 4Edit

A. Vicky tries out for a beauty pageant, but the prize is being mayor for a day!
B. Timmy obtains mind-reading abilities to prepare himself for Crocker's constant pop-quizzes. Crocker gets wise of this and creates a "mind-reading-proof helmet" and also creates a fake party for Timmy, which was really a trap for his psychic abilities.
Vicky's Head Gag: Catman

11. Shelf Life

It's summer vacation, time for rest, relaxation, fun and excitement. Also, the worst time for a book report, which Crocker slaps on his class at the last minute. Timmy then puts off the assignment until the last minute, on Labor Day. He then wishes Tom Sawyer out of his book to try and make things easier for himself. But, Tom tricks Timmy and Cosmo into giving him Cosmo's wand, and he runs amuck in various books. Timmy and his fairies then follow Tom into various books, trying to stop him before he reaches a physics book. This episode originally aired in September 2004 and ran for thirty minutes. Character designer Gordon Hammond was given an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for this episode on September 11, 2005, at the Creative Arts Awards. Hammond was one of eight people who were given an Emmy in this category.
Vicky's Head Gag: Book

4. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

A. Timmy gets a magic copy machine that will poof up whatever the picture under it has on it; Wanda drags Cosmo to the doctor.
B. Timmy's parents are mistaken for the infamous souvenir bandits, the Turnbaums, and Timmy tries to catch the real crooks.
Vicky's Head Gag: Pencil

6. Lights!, Camera!, Adam! / A Bad Case of Diary-Uh

A. Adam West plays the title role in the Crimson Chin movie.
B. Timmy starts reading Vicky's diary. A running joke is that Timmy keeps reminding Wanda that Vicky called her a "fat, pink squirrel".
Vicky's Head Gag: Adam West

3. Baby Face / Mr. Right

A. Timmy wishes he was a baby to hide from Francis in Flappy Bob's Happy Peppy Learnatorium.
B. Timmy wishes he was always right, but trouble starts when Timmy must deny his godparents to Crocker.
Vicky's Head Gag: Baby block

2. Vicky Loses Her Icky / Pixies, Inc.

A. Vicky becomes nice and her meanness turns into a bug. Timmy must stop the bug from crawling up the butts (literally) of Dad, Principal Waxeplax, and, ultimately, the President of the United States!
B. Pixies have bought Fairy World! Under the new management of the monotonous and very corporate Pixies, everyone's wishes are being denied. So Timmy has to play mini golf against the Head Pixie in order to save Fairy World, but if he loses, Cosmo and Wanda will have to leave Timmy forever.
Vicky's Head Gag: Pixie

7. Odd Couple / Class Clown

A. Vicky gets a boyfriend, Ricky, and the two start babysitting Timmy. Timmy pairs Ricky up with someone else and he gets married - to Crocker's mom!
B. Timmy wishes he was the funniest person on Earth.
Vicky's Head Gag: Man-eating Plant

1. The Big Superhero Wish

Timmy wishes his life was like a superhero comic book. Sequel to 27B: Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin.
Vicky's Head Gag: Crimson Chin writer

5. Power Pals / Emotion Commotion

A. Timmy is treating Chester, A.J., Elmer and Sanjay badly so they abandon him. Timmy wishes up some superhero friends, but they treat him badly. When the "Power Pals" try to destroy Timmy's old friends, Timmy must ultimately apologize for them to save themselves.
B. Timmy wishes away his emotions, and Cosmo has to babysit them because they've become little beings that take on the personalities of the emotions they represent. Timmy is about to perform a dangerous stunt, but wishes his emotions back before he does it (Cosmo never gave him back his common sense, which is not really an emotion).
Vicky's Head Gag: Timmy's Emotions

12. Fairy Friends and Neighbors / Just the Two of Us

A. Timmy wishes M&D (Mom & Dad) had some adult friends - C&W!
B. Timmy wishes he, Trixie, C&W were the last people in the universe, and chaos ensues.
Vicky's Head Gag: Vicky disappears

8. Who's Your Daddy? / Homewrecker

A. Timmy wishes he was different people's sons when Dad can't attend his Squirrely Scout Father-Son Picnic.
B. Timmy wrecks Vicky's house while forced to be babysat there.
Vicky's Head Gag: Mr. Turner

13. New Squid in Town / Wish Fixers

A. Mark moves into Dimmsdale Dump and disguises himself as an average Earth child so he won't have to marry the hideous (and also insane) Mandie (pronounced man-DIE). This episode has continuity through other episodes, so Mark will always live on Earth until the show creators decide to change this.
B. Timmy signs a contract with the Pixies to stop him from making bad wishes.
Vicky's Head Gag: Mark Chang (human form)

9. Crash Nebula

A. Wanda and Timmy agree to help Cosmo impress people at his high school reunion by pretending he is rich and married to Britney Britney and that they are his secretary and his butler. It works perfectly, until Juandissimo shows up and decides to put the moves on Cosmo's "secretary" - Wanda!!!
B. Tired of having sand kicked in his face by Francis, Timmy wishes he was the strongest guy on the beach. But when a whale washes up on shore, Timmy grows into a super-sized-hulking-human who quickly becomes the main target of a dangerously armed and heavily funded Seaweed Monster Response Team.
Vicky's Head Gag: Sandcastle

10. Channel Chasers

Timmy wishes for a magic remote control that will allow him to travel inside television. But the magic remote winds up in Vicky's hands! It's going to take Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda to race through television and stop Vicky from using the remote control to take over every channel and, ultimately, the world!

14. Catman Meets The Crimson Chin / Genie Meanie Minie Mo

A. Another attempt at saving the day gets Catman sued, but Timmy bails him out. Timmy wishes that Catman could fight crime in the Chin's webtoon for awhile, but Catman refuses to leave once he gets fans in the toon.
B. Timmy goes to a garage sale. But when he finds a magical lamp, he ends up releasing Norm the magical genie.
Vicky's Head Gag: Norm
Timmy becomes president of kidworld. The Pixies guest star as Ben stiller as he tries to take over the world using happy Pappy Clown. It has got a lot of musical numbers including The Pixie Rap featuring Metal Man, and other numbers. In the end, Timmy saves summer.

Season 5Edit

1. Nega-Timmy / Love at First Height

2. Truth or Cosmoquences / Beach Bummed

A. Timmy wishes to do the opposite of what his parents tell him to, and when they say be good, he turns evil.
B. Timmy wishes to be 16 to go on a roller coaster, and Vicky falls in love with him.
Vicky's Head Gag: Nega-Timmy

3. You Doo / Just Desserts

A. Timmy wishes for a You-Doo doll of Francis for revenge. Later on, Timmy gets You-Doo dolls of mostly every main character on the show. Tootie gets the You-Doo of Timmy, and the trouble starts!
B. Timmy wishes every meal was dessert, but his wish makes the entire town fat and makes the Earth almost hurdle into the Sun.
Vicky's Head Gag: Cake

7. Go West Young Man! / Birthday Wish

A. Cat Man wants to relive his childhood. So Timmy wishes he was young again.
B. Timmy ignores Tootie's birthday invitations, so he starts feeling guilty and lends her his godparents for her birthday -- but Cosmo and Wanda don't tell her the rules.
Vicky's Head Gag: Birthday gift

6. Blondas Have More Fun / Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.

A. Wanda and her famous sister Blonda secretly switch bodies for a day; Timmy does dangerous stunts.
B. Mark is missing FLARG in space, so Timmy wishes he could celebrate a real FLARG on Earth. Only on the last day Mark has to blow up Earth (destroy host planet; don't destroy home planet.).
Vicky's Head Gag: Blonda

8. Timmy's 2-D House of Horror / It's A Wishful Life

A. Vicky's house is destroyed. So Vicky's family stays at Timmy's house. Meanwhile, Timmy wishes that Vicky's family's 3-D glasses will make anything they hear and see scary.
B. Timmy feels unappreciated, so he wishes he never existed.
Vicky's Head Gag: Haunted Volcano

9. Escape from Unwish Island / The Gland Plan

A. Timmy's unwished wishes try to take revenge on Timmy.
B. Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo have problems with their Fa Giggly Glands. So they have to do a transplant.
Vicky's Head Gag: Cosmo turns into Vicky

4. Back to Norm / Teeth For Two

A. Mr. Crocker receives the magic lamp as a present. Then he ends up releasing Norm...
B. Timmy's buck tooth is loose. Jorgen wants to give it to the Tooth Fairy as a wedding gift, so Jorgen tries to knock Timmy's tooth out. But when the Tooth Fairy spots this, she breaks up with Jorgen immediately.
Vicky's Head Gag: Lava lamp

10. Hassle in the Castle / Remy Rides Again!

A. Timmy wants to see what it is like in Cosmo and Wanda's castle.
B. Remy returns to get revenge on Timmy for making his godparent go away forever. So he makes Timmy happy so he won't need godparents.
Vicky's Head Gag: Cosmo and Wanda's castle

11. Talkin' Trash / Timmy TV

A. Wanda's father makes an appearance hating everyone except Wanda, and has to clean up "Stinky magic".
B. Fairy World hosts a show called "Timmy TV" ever since they cancelled "Leave it to Binky", but the show starts chaos in the process.
Vicky's Head Gag: Garbage can

5. The Masked Magician / The Big Bash

A. When Timmy gets better at magic than Mr. Bickles (mostly due to C&W) and goes into superhero mode, Mr. Bickles gets mad at Timmy and becomes his arch-nemesis.
B. Timmy and Remy compete for some rule-free wishes by going on a cross-time scavenger hunt; Cosmo and Juandisimo bet Wanda.
Vicky's Head Gag: Cupid

12. School's Out The Musical

Timmy plans to watch an episode, Crash Nebula. In the episode, a 14-year-old boy named Sprig Speevak leaves his family and his farm home to enroll at Celestial Academy in space. On their school bus, he meets other alien students and tells them how he saved Princess Galaxandra from the bugdroids back on Earth. Sprig also befriends two students on the bus: a live blob named Dif and a turkey in a hovering machine named Chuck. At the academy, when a class runs around the track in a training program with Pam Dromeda, Sprig accidentally presses a button that opens a hole sucking everything out of the school into space. When a girl named Ani gets sucked, Sprig grabs the Crash Nebula suit and wears it on as soon as he goes through the hole. Outside in space, Sprig manages to pass through several asteroids in order to save Ani from being sucked into a pink-colored black hole and fly back to the school. With Princess Galaxandra recognizing Sprig's potential, she asks Pam Dromeda to tutor Sprig after school on using the suit properly.

13. Mooooving Day / Big Wanda

A. Timmy’s mom is having a hard time selling houses, and she’s pretty bummed out about it, so Timmy wishes that his mom could sell a house to anyone. She instantly becomes a huge success. Mom is able to sell houses all over town -- including their own. With all the extra money Timmy’s mom has been making, the Turners can now afford to move to the pristine gated community of Dimmadome Acres. But once the family gets to their new home, Timmy starts noticing strange things about all the residents. They all dress alike, act alike, and everyone is always drinking Dimmadome Farms milk. Something about this is not right, and Timmy is going to find out what. This episode has many similarities to the movie, The Stepford Wives.
B. Someone’s kidnapped Big Daddy! With the big mob boss missing, Wanda is called in to run the family business. Her first task: a mafia makeover complete with pink trash removal uniforms, pink garbage trucks, and doilies on all the Fairy World trash cans.
Vicky's Head Gag: Cow

14. Oh, Brother / What's the Difference?

A. Life would be better with an older brother. At least that’s what Timmy believes. Someone to protect you when bullies show up, make you look good in front of Trixie Tang, and help you ace all your homework -- that’s what Timmy wants. So he wishes for the perfect older brother. And that’s just what he gets, a big brother named Tommy. Only this brother is so perfect and so good, he is boring Timmy to tears. And to make matters worse, he has signed Timmy up for an enriching study abroad program in South America that will last the rest of Timmy’s career as a kid.
B. It’s just another boring day, so Timmy wishes everything in school was mixed up like a “find it” puzzle book. This includes Cosmo and Wanda’s wands, and the timing could not be worse. Mark Chang’s jilted alien bride-to-be has just arrived in Dimmsdale, and she is about to turn the school into a crater if Mark doesn’t show himself. If Cosmo and Wanda had their wands, Timmy could just wish her away. But where are the wands hiding?
Vicky's Head Gag: Tommy

15. Smart Attack / Operation F.U.N.

A. Dad keeps trying to help Timmy with his homework. But he’s not the brightest dad, so any help he gives does more harm than good. How can Timmy get his dad to stop helping without hurting his feelings? He doesn’t. He completely avoids the subject by wishing that his dad was smart. Now that Dad has the brains of a genius, he home-school’s Timmy and pays a lot more attention to things like Timmy’s goldfish. In all the years that Timmy has had his pet fish, not once has he fed them. Dad concludes that they must be a new breed and sets out to dissect the fish in front of the entire scientific community.
B. Remy Buxaplenty has come home from military school for spring break. All he can talk about is how great his new school is, making Timmy, Chester, and AJ very jealous in the process. Timmy decides they should all get to go to Remy’s fancy academy and wishes for three scholarships. Once the boys get to their new school, they find that it is not quite the paradise Remy described -- it’s the exact opposite. The students have to get up before dawn every morning, all the teachers are drill sergeants, and pets are strictly forbidden which means that Timmy’s pet goldfish (a.k.a. Cosmo and Wanda) are confiscated and placed in storage. This of course was Remy’s plan all along, and now that Timmy can’t get to his godparents, he cannot wish himself out of this nightmare.
Vicky's Head Gag: Albert Einstein

16. Something's Fishy / Presto Change-O

A. Timmy is at the beach and he’s bored silly. He’s got all this merchandise from the Wet Willie movie (which stank) and yet he can’t go diving because none of it will help him breathe underwater. Finally he realizes that all he has to do is make a wish, and poof, he’s Timmy Turntrout! He, Cosmo, and Wanda set off to explore the deep, and everywhere they go, Timmy and Wanda receive a warm undersea welcome while Cosmo seems to upset the other fish. When the three happen upon the lost city of Atlantis, Timmy and Wanda learn why: Cosmo’s been nicknamed “the accursed one” and hunted for centuries because he sank the city of Atlantis: nine times! Cosmo’s arrested, put on trial, and immediately found guilty! Timmy appeals to Atlantis’ leader, King Greg -- if he can show good cause why Atlanteans should be happy beneath the sea, Cosmo will be set free. Will Timmy save Cosmo?
B. Timmy has not studied for a test in Mr. Crocker’s class, so he wishes for a magical device that allows him to change places with anyone who comes in contact with it. Cosmo and Wanda don’t have time to investigate; Momma Cosma’s got the dreaded Nine Hour Flu and they must rush off to take care of her, so Timmy gets his wish. At school, he uses this buzzer device to change places with AJ, and lets the smart kid take his test for him. The plan backfires when Mr. Crocker tries to confiscate the device -- once he touches it, Timmy becomes Mr. Crocker and Mr. Crocker becomes Timmy! Now it’s a race to Timmy’s house, because if Mr. Crocker, as Timmy, gains access, he’ll finally have the proof that fairies exist!
Vicky's Head Gag: Pink fish

17. The Good Ol' Days / Future Lost

A. Mom and Dad are going out and they’re leaving Timmy with Grandpa Pappy, a grumpy old man who hates anything new and modern. However, if Timmy can get Pappy to at least enjoy babysitting, then Pappy may want to come over all the time -- which means no more Vicky. But every fun thing that Timmy suggests is dismissed as modern hokum. Rollerblades, rock and roll, sour candies -- nothing can make Pappy happy. Until Timmy and his Grandpa watch an old cartoon together. Pappy declares that this is what fun is all about. So Timmy wishes that the world was like a black and white cartoon from the 1930’s. Everything around them becomes wacky and zany, from the bouncing buildings and dancing cars, to the silly musical numbers. Cosmo and Wanda’s wands even spring to life and run away. While the Godparents take off after their mischief-making wands, Timmy and Pappy enjoy the good life as a couple of millionaires.
B. Timmy wishes for his society to be more futuristic, like a fictional character from one of Dad's old books. However, this society is filled with robots, who are seemingly harmless, but in reality, are evil. Will Timmy escape from this dreaded society?
Vicky's Head Gag: Robot

21. Timmy the Barbarian / No Substitute for Crazy

A. Jorgen reads Binky a bedtime story.
B. A new substitute at Crocker's class becomes a fairy hunter.

19. Fairy Idol

Norm the Genie has had enough of being a Genie. He's sick of all the lame masters he's had to serve throughout the centuries, he's sick of granting the same unimaginative three wishes over and over again, and he is sick and tired of his lamp. But this will all soon change. While reading a copy of "Da Rules" (mistakenly given to by Cosmo) Norm learns that if a Fairy Godparent quits his or her job, all the magical wish-granting creatures in the universe may apply for the vacant post. And Norm knows just the two fairies that could be tricked into quitting: Cosmo and Wanda. He finds his way to Chester, who rubs the lamp and wishes that his dad was the greatest baseball player ever, not the worst. Chester now lives in a huge mansion, with a swimming pool and loads of cars. With Chester satisfied, Norm rushes to Timmy's house. Creating a Timmy clone, the clone works the fairies so hard they quit. They return to Fairy World, followed by Timmy, who has come to explain everything. But with a godparent position now up for grabs, the entire of Fairy World has turned up for the Fairy Idol singing competiton, in hopes of becoming a godparent. The competiton has boiled down to Cosmo and Wanda against Norm, the winner becoming a fairy godparent. The winner is... Cosmo and Wanda! But due to a 'freak' accident, they are rushed to hospital, and Norm becomes a fairy. Even worse, he is admitted to the new saddest child on Earth: Chester McBadbat! (He has not been able to spend any time with his dad, their new mansion has been taken by the government because of massive debts, his dad has been taken to federal jail and his new foster family own a banjo store in Kentucky!) Norm becomes Chester's Fairy Godparent and Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda walk home before their goodbye. While attempting to make the world better, Chester changes it for the worse and becomes even sadder. Then he overhears Norm discussing how his plan to make Cosmo and Wanda guit worked. So he wishes Norm was Timmy's Fairy Godparent! Norm refuses to grant wishes and, two weeks later, explodes from magic backup. Timmy wants Cosmo and Wanda back and everything to be normal again but Norm quits. Suddenly Chester appears and reminds Norm that he still has one of his genie wishes left: he wishes everything was back to normal before he even found Norm. Norm is banished back to his lamp and Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are reunited.
A trans-dimensional portal causes Jimmy Neutron of Retroville (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) and Timmy Turner of Dimmsdale (The Fairly OddParents) to trade places. Timmy, now a three-dimensional being in Retroville, gets along just fine with Cindy Vortex, but must defeat Goddard when the robodog is mutated by a computer game Timmy had been playing. Meanwhile, in Dimmsdale, Jimmy must help Cosmo and Wanda to protect both Earth and Fairy World from Denzel Crocker's scheme for domination.

18. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!

In both their dimensions, Timmy and Jimmy have a Friday the 13th dance party, and they want Cindy to be their date.

20. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!

Jimmy and Timmy become best friends and decide to help fight each other's villains, but when they get bored, they decide to make their own, named Shirley.

Season 6Edit

1. Fairly OddBaby

Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda, would have a baby. Head Fairy Jorgen VonStrangle warns the trio that this wish will be "different". It wasn't supposed to happen, because Jorgen forgot to put the other rules into "Da Rules" book officially including the "no wishing for Fairy Godparents to have babies" rule. After Cosmo starts to change Timmy realizes Cosmo is pregnant with the baby, not Wanda. The baby is born, though perfectly androgynous: it is not clear whether the child is a boy or girl, which makes the task of naming it difficult. Because of the baby's ultimate fairy powers, it is in danger. Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, HP and Sanderson go after it to gain its power.

2. Mission: Responsible / Hairicane

A. Timmy volunteers to babysit Poof!
B. Timmy's tired of the terrible haircuts his father gives him!

3. Open Wide and Say Aaaah! / OddPirates

a. Timmy's getting his tonsils out and, unfortunately, Vicky's his nurse!
A. Poof brings Timmy to an actual pirate ship instead of a Pirates baseball game!

6. The Fairly Oddlympics

Let the games begin!

4. Odd Sqaud / For Emgercies Only

A. Timmy wishes he had "Carsmo" as his talking car, so they could look for Mama Cosma.
B. Timmy gets a wand for 10 emgerices.

5. Cheese and Crockers / Land Before Timmy

A. Mr. Crocker has super-cheesy powers!
B. Timmy wishes he lived in prehistoric times!

7. King Chang / The End of the Universe-ity

A. Mark Chang becomes king of Yugopotamia!
B. Timmy's won a scholarship but the school's run by the evil Dark Laser!

8. Sooper Poof / Wishing Well

A. Poof's practicing shape shifting...unfortunately, he takes after Cosmo!
B. Timmy's in rehab for his addiction to wishing.

9. Wishy Washy / Poof's Playdate

A. Timmy's dad is in love...with his car!
B. Are Timmy's mom and dad bad parents?

12. Merry Wishmas

Oh no! Christmas has been replaced with Wishmas.

11. Vicky Get's Fired / Chindred Spirits

A. The Turners finally fire Vicky!
B. Timmy wishes up a girlfriend for the Crimson Chin!

10. 9 Lives / Dread & Breakfast

A. Without only 1 life left, Catman has burned through his 9 lives!
B. Crocker, Tootie & Dark Laser stay with Timmy!
A. Is Timmy getting too old for his fairy godparents?
B. Timmy is forced to do lame things with his mom!

13. Wishology

In Part 1 of 3, a dark hole threatens to destroy everything, and Timmy searches for a mystical hidden wand that can defeat the hole. Timmy then heads to a KISS concert, believing he may find the wand there. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley provide voices.
In Part 2 of 3, Timmy searches for a second wand that is necessary to defeat the Darkness. He must also continue to battle the Eliminators, who have now acquired new technology, and he's forced to rely on people he thought he could not trust.
Timmy tries to stop a rogue Eliminator that has absorbed magic and turned into an Earth-harming Destructonator. Timmy then devises a new plan: Treat the Darkness as a friend and hope that it will be receptive to kindness, so that both the Earth and the Fairy World can be saved.

Season 7Edit

2. Anti-Poof

3. Birthday Bashed / Momnipresent

Has Poof met his anti-fairy match?

4. Add-A-Dad / Squirrely Puffs

A. Timmy's dad leaves him with a Dad doll (& cheese dogs) at the ballpark on Father Son-day.
B. Will Timmy's magic help the squirrels race the cream puffs to the top of Mt. Dimmsdale?

1. Micecapades / Formula For Disaster

A. Poof turns Timmy and Vicky into a cartoon cat and mouse!
B. Will Timmy have to go to military school?

6. Bad Heir Day / Freaks and Greeks

A. Timmy tries to be the best babysitter ever!
B. Greek gods throw a party at Timmy's house!

5. Fly Boy / Temporary Fairy

A. Poof turns Timmy into an insect!
B. Timmy learns he can request a temporary fairy if he's unhappy with his current fairies.

7. Crocker Shocker / Super Zero

A. Mr. Crocker doesn't believe in fairies anymore and the entire fairy world is at risk.
B. Cosmo becomes a hero after he lets Poof fly off a see-saw and then saves him.

8. Dadbracadabra / Timmy Turnip

A. Timmy wishes his dad's magic trick is actually magical (and not lame).
B. It's Yaksgiving in the Turner home; rack of Yak and grandparents included!

9. One Man Banned / Frenemy Mine

A. He might get pelted with tomatoes when he sings but Timmy will be a famous musical star!
B. Timmy saves Vicky's life and she has a very strange feeling. Could it be friendliness?

11. Chicken Poofs / Stupid Cupid

A. Can Dr. Rip Studwell cure this fowl disease taking over the family?
B. Cupid's on vacation, so why shouldn't Timmy borrow his magic bow and arrows?

12. Double Oh-Schnozmo / Planet Poof

A. Cosmo's brother is coming to visit. He invented Canada and cured spaghetti!
B. Poof goes away to Yugopotamia.

13. The Boss of Me / He Poofs He Scores

A. Bring Your Kids To Work Day! Timmy can't wait to miss school, er, go to his dad's office!
B. Timmy thinks he's "totally ready" for soccer season. He's totally not.

10. Playdate of Doom / Teacher's Pet

A. Foop's nappy is all in a twist until he drills his way out of baby prison. Look out world!
B. Timmy's wish to be the teacher's pet comes true, but it's not at all how he imagined.

14. Manic-Mom Day / Crocker of Gold

A. Timmy gets a look maniacal world of motherhood when he and his mom swap lives for a day.
B. Since the fairy-catching thing is not really panning out, Crocker finds a new magical creature to be obsessed with catching.
A. Timmy wishes his parents were the best suffers ever.
B. Timmy's fairies poses as ghosts for the night
A. Dad goes back to 5th grade.
B. Jorgen, Nana Boom Boom, and the Anti-Fairies participate in the Aunnal Bake Off.
A. Timmy wishes his mom was the best cook in the world.
B. The Turners are on Dark Laser's ship.
A. Timmy needs to impress Trixie, and finds the right technology to do it.
B. Cosmo finds out that muscles run in the family when he meets his long lost secret cousin.
A. Timmy wishes for a blackout.
B. The Turners get overboard on an island.
A. Timmy wishes his dad's crops would grow.
B. Crocker makes a show.
A. Poof starts Spellementary School.
B. Timmy helps his dad spy on their neighbor Dinkleberg!

Season 8Edit

1. Love Triangle

Poof and Foop vie for the love of a beautiful blonde while acting in the school play.

11. Timmy's Secret Wish!

8. Old Man and the C- / Balence of Flour

2. Spellmentary School / Operation Dinkleburg

9. Beach Blanket Bozos / Poltergeeks

Timmy makes his millionth wish so all of Fairyworld has gathered to celebrate. But after reviewing all the wishes Timmy has made, the Fairy Council finds that he should be put on trial for being the worst godkid ever! Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof think they can prove that Timmy's a good kid, until the truth comes out that he has committed the most heinous crime in Fairyworld: Timmy made a secret wish that no one knows about, not even his godfamily!

3. Invasion of the Dads

6. Food Fight / Please Don't Feed the Turners

5. Take and Fake / Cosmo Rules

13. Farm Pit / Crock Talk

Timmy’s previous wish for a Planet of Dads backfires when the Dads realize the one thing missing from their lives is Mom, and they come to steal her away from Dad and Timmy! Sequel to 79A: Add-A-Dad.

10. When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack

7. Lights Out / Dad Overbooked

4. A Fairly Odd Movie Grow Up Timmy Turner

Timmy's enemies join forces and form the League Of Super Evil Revenge Seekers - L.O.S.E.R.S., for short - in order to annihilate him. But when the Fairy-clipse forbids his fairies to use their magic, Timmy is forced to outwit the L.O.S.E.R.S. if he wants to live to see another day!

12. Meet the OddParents

Mom and Dad have finally gotten hip to the fact that Timmy has fairy godparents! The question now is: how long can they all keep Jorgen in the dark so that he won’t take Wanda, Cosmo and Poof away forever?

Season 9Edit

  1. A Fairly Odd Christmas
  2. Fairly OddPet
Timmy gets a fairy dog named Sparky.

3. Dinkelscouts / I Dream of Cosmo

A: Timmy doesn't want his dad to be scout leader anymore.
B: Cosmo loses his memory and mistakenly thinks he's supposed to grant wishes for Timmy's father.

4. Turner and Pooch / Dumbell Curve

A: Crocker seeks out a new source of magic from Timmy’s house. Realizing it’s Sparky, Crocker tries to turn him against Timmy.
B: Crocker grades on a bell curve so Timmy wishes everyone was dumber than him. A meteor threatens Earth and Timmy's the only one smart enough to stop it.

5. The Terrible Twosome / App Trap

A: Poof goes through the terrible twos. Foop goes through the terrific twos. Timmy and his fairies have to survive Poof’s terrible twos.
B: Timmy gets a smartphone with top-of-the-line features, but the phone becomes intrusive in his life.

6. Force of Nature / Viral Vidiots

A: Timmy wishes the park animals would clean up after themselves.
B: Timmy helps his mother make a viral video.

7. Scary GodCouple

Foop becomes Vicky's anti-fairy godparent and they decide to terrorize Timmy and the kids of Dimmsdale. Foop tells Vicky that the reason Timmy has thwarted her all these years is because he has fairy godparents and if they can destroy the fairies, no one will be able to stop them.

20. Two and a Half Babies / Anchor’s Away

A: Foop and Poof have to take care of an egg for a school project. Foop breaks it and swaps it with a dangerous one.
B: Chet Ubetcha quits his job. Dad becomes the new news man. Timmy must get Chet back in order to save the city.

11. Finding Emo / Dust Busters

A: Timmy tries to impress a new girl named Missy.
B: Timmy's basement comes to life while Mom and Dad are at a fake spa.

19. The Bored Identity / Country Clubbed

A: Timmy wishes his dad's life was like a life action movie.
B: After the Buxaplenty family invites the Turner Family to the "Fancy Shmancy Country Club", Timmy doesn't blend in, so he wishes he was a celebrity.

21. Dog Gone / Turner Back Time

A: Timmy's dad refuses to sell Sparky to his boss, who makes his life miserable at work. So Timmy and Sparky make up a plan.
B: Timmy changes the past to make his family become rich, but ends up having his fairies taken away because he's no longer miserable.

9. Cosmnopoly / Hero Hound

A: Timmy, his dad and the fairies get trapped in a board game created by Cosmo.
B: Timmy wishes Sparky would get a chance to be heroic, while Dad thinks he can talk to animals.

10. Crock Blocked / A Boy and his Dog Boy

A: Timmy wishes Mr. Crocker would disappear, but he becomes invisible. Due to this, Dad thinks the house is haunted.
B: Sparky turns into a boy.

22. Weirdos on a Train / Tons of Timmys

A:After making a deal with Dad, Crocker becomes best friends with Dinkleberg.
B:Timmy wishes for 5,000 Timmys for the Planet of the Dads.

13. Let Sleeper Dogs Lie / Cat-Astrophe

A:Crocker tries to program Sparky as an unwitting sleeper agent in his war against Timmy and the fairies.
B: Catman mistakes Sparky for his old archenemy Dogman.

23. Lame Ducks / A Perfect Nightmare

A:Dad starts a neighborhood watch program.
B:Timmy tries to win a contest by wishing that he had the perfect family.

17. Love at First Bark / Desperate Without Housewives

A: Sparky is forbidden from dating Dinkleberg's new dog.
B: Timmy wishes all women away to end Mom's constant nagging.

14. Jerk of All Trades / Snack Attack

A: Timmy helps Jorgen find a new job after he is fired
B: Sparky makes his own magic dog treats.

15. Turning Into Turner / The Wand That Got Away

A:Using Timmy's DNA, Crocker pretends to be Timmy from the future.
B:Cosmo loses his wand and Timmy and the gang must help find it.

18. Stage Fright / Gone Flushin

A:After deciding she wants to be an actress, Vicky forces Timmy to help her get a her first role.
B: Dad flushes Timmy and the fairies down the toilet.

26. Man's Worst Friend

25. A Fairly Odd Summer

8. School of Crock

Mr. Crocker becomes a teacher at the Fairy Academy; Poof begins to learn how to talk.

16. Dimmsdale Tales

When Dad forgets all of the supplies for the Squirrely Scouts camping trip, Timmy tries to smooth things over with scary stories around a campfire.

12. The Past and the Furious

When Cosmo and Wanda bring Timmy back through time to meet their former Godchildren, his interactions with them alter the future.

27. Fairly Old Parent

24. Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

When Poof has trouble falling asleep, Wanda tries to help by reading him a book of classic fairy tales.

28. The Fairy Beginning