List of doping cases in sport

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This is a list of sports-people who did doping in sport.

Name Country Sport Year of
Anti-doping rule violation
Banned substance(s)
Sanction Reference(s)
Andre Agassi  United States Tennis Methamphetamine (self-admitted) [1]
A. J. Allmendinger  United States Auto racing Amphetamines [2]
Chris Andersen  United States Basketball [3]
Jacques Anquetil  France Cycling Self-admitted (or said so himself) [4]
Lance Armstrong  United States Cycling Erythropoietin (EPO), Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Cortisone, Blood transfusions (self-admitted) Life ban [5]
Bryan Berard  United States Ice hockey 19-norandrosterone [6]
Manuele Blasi  Italy Football (soccer) Nandrolone [7]
Barry Bonds  United States Baseball Amphetamines (first offender; not suspended because the players and the team owners made an agreement (or collective bargaining agreement) before the first testing started, in Major League Baseball) [8]
Tom Boonen  Belgium Cycling Cocaine [9]
Mark Bosnich  Australia Football (soccer) Cocaine [10]
Ian Botham  United Kingdom Cricket Cannabis [11]
Lee Bowyer  England Football (soccer) Cannabis [12]
Ryan Braun  United States Baseball Human growth hormone. See also Biogenesis baseball scandal. [13]

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