List of rivers of Tanzania

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This is a list of rivers in Tanzania. They are arranged by where the rivers flows. Tributaries are indented under each larger stream's name.

A list by letters is given at the bottom of the article.

East CoastEdit

  • Wami River basin
    • Lukigura River
    • Kiseru River
    • Mkundi River
    • Tani River
    • Mkata River
      • Mkondoa River
      • Miyombo River
  • Ruvu River basin
    • Mkombezi River
    • Mbiki River
    • Musa River
    • Ngereugere River
    • Mgeta River
  • Ruvuma River basin
    • Lukwika River
    • Muhuwezi River
    • Msinejewe River
    • Lukumbule River
    • Msangesi River
    • Njuga River

Nile basinEdit

Congo BasinEdit

Endorheic basinsEdit

  • Lake Rukwa basin
    • Kavuu River
    • Rungwa River
    • Zira River
      • Songwe River
    • Momba River
      • Saisi River

List by letterEdit


Great Ruaha River


Kagera River - Kalambo River


Malagarasi River - Manonga River - Mara River


Rufiji River - Rurubu River - Ruvuma River - Ruvyironza River


Semu River - Sibiti River


Umba River (Tanzania)


Wami River - Wembere River