Live Free or Die Hard

2007 film directed by Len Wiseman

Live Free or Die Hard (called Die Hard 4.0 outside of North America and also known as Die Hard 4) is a 2007 American action movie starring Bruce Willis and Justin Long. It is the fourth film in the Die Hard series

Live Free or Die Hard
Directed byLen Wiseman
Written byCharacters:
Roderick Thorp
Mark Bomback
David Marconi
Mark Bomback
Produced byMichael Fottrell
Arnold Rifkin executive
William Wisher executive
Stephan J Eads
StarringBruce Willis
Timothy Olyphant
Justin Long
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Maggie Q
Edited byNicolas De Toth
Music byMarco Beltrami
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release dates
June 12, 2007 (Tokyo)
June 27, 2007 (United States)
Running time
129 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$110 million[1]
Box officeDomestic:

The movie starts with John McClane trying to talk to his daughter Lucy. He pulls her boyfriend out of the car. An angry Lucy goes up to her apartment. Afterwards, the police call McClane and ask him to pick up a kid named Matt Farrell. However, when McClane goes down there, mercenaries attack the two. McClane manages to fight them off and gets Farrell into the car.

Day breaks in Washington, D.C. The villain, Thomas Gabriel, launches his plan. He takes control over all of the things that help run the country, like traffic lights and transportation systems. He shuts down the FBI building and calls in an anthrax alert. He makes the lights go green and red very fast so that cars crash into each other. McClane and Farrell get out and walk to the FBI trailer outside. Farrell realizes that this is a "fire sale" – where everything being taken over by these hackers and it is called a fire sale because "everything must go."

McClane and Farrell then head to Middleton, Virginia, because some systems, like electricity, cannot be taken fully over with computers. However, Mai (Gabriel's girlfriend) is already at the plant and has taken over it. McClane attacks her and throws her to the ground and tells Farrell to put the system back up. Mai gets up and kicks him out of the building. McClane uses a car and rams her and they fight inside an elevator shaft. It ends when the car falls with Mai inside.

Farrell and McClane send a picture of Gabriel to the FBI, where they say that Gabriel was hired by them. Gabriel wanted tighter security, but they said no and fired him. Gabriel contacts the Middleton plant to ask what happened. He gets very angry when McClane tells him that Mai is dead and tells his hackers to send all the natural gas they can to the Middleton plant. He also finds Lucy and kidnaps her. The plant blows up and knocks all the power out in the nearby area.

McClane and Farrell take a helicopter to Baltimore, Maryland to meet another computer hacker who calls himself The Warlock. He finds out where Gabriel is – at the Social Security Administration building in Woodlawn. Before the government fired him, Gabriel had made a system; when there was a computer attack, all financial data would be downloaded into the computers there. One of Gabriel's men went down there and starts downloading the data early on in the movie.

Both McClane and Farrell head down there. Gabriel takes Farrell and escapes with the data before McClane can reach him. McClane gets into the truck behind Gabriel's car. Gabriel calls in a jet fighter to attack McClane. During the fight, the highway is destroyed, but McClane manages to jump off and slide to safety, while the pilot ejects from the plane.

He then fights Gabriel inside a warehouse. McClane is shot and he loses his gun. Gabriel puts him in an arm lock and orders his man to shoot Lucy. McClane presses the gun into his shoulder and fires, injuring himself, but killing Gabriel. Farrell wildly fires his gun to kill the man that is holding Lucy. The movie ends with the FBI swarming the area and taking Farrell and McClane to the hospital.



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