unpleasant emotional response to isolation

Loneliness is a sad emotion that a person can feel if they are isolated or feel a sense of lack of friends and family members. Loneliness can make people feel anxious.

Loneliness by Hans Thoma (National Museum in Warsaw)

People can feel lonely even if they are surrounded by a lot of other people. Loneliness can occur even to people in marriages, relationships, families and successful jobs. One cause of loneliness is a lack of friends during childhood and teenage years. Loneliness can also be caused by chronic depression. Loneliness can also be caused when a relationship or marriage ends.

Moreover, in the scenarios where you are the only who understands the whole picture, the person might learn few techniques and read self-help guides that can help in coping up with loneliness. [1]

Loneliness is a theme in literature, going back to the Epic of Gilgamesh.



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