Long Division (Rustic Overtones album)

album by Rustic Overtones

Long Division is the second album by the Rustic Overtones. It was originally released on November 17, 1995. The albumn is the band longest till now and the length is an hour and seven minutes. [1]

Long Division
Studio album by
RecordedBig Sound Studios, Westbrook, Maine
GenreRock, jazz, soul, funk, ska
LabelRipcord Records
rr 101
ProducerColin Decker
Rustic Overtones chronology
Shish Boom Bam
Long Division
My Dirt (EP)


It remains a fan favorite after a decade despite it being not widely available. It is deemed as the band breakthrough albumn. Until early 2008, the albumn is almost impossible to find. There are copies still found occasionally on websites such as eBay and Amazon.com.[2]

The band posted a teaser trailer on their MySpace that they were to re-release the album on November 15, 2007. At a show at Portland club The Asylum on November 24, 2007, the band announced the album will be re-released. Due to delays, the re-released album was finally released on the March 19,2008. There are some bonus tracks in the albumn. [3]

Track listingEdit

  1. "About a Kid"
  2. "Simple Song"
  3. "Spunk Drive 185"
  4. "Colors of Discipline"
  5. "20 Years"
  6. "Fake Face"
  7. "Dig"
  8. "Feel"
  9. "Pimp"
  10. "Long Division"
  11. "Slowly"
  12. "Outlaw Biker"
  13. "Pop Trash"


2008 Re-release bonus tracksEdit

  1. "Red Afternoon"
  2. "Redemption Pays"
  3. "Let Me Grabbitz"


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