Louis, Grand Dauphin

Dauphin of France (1661–1711), eldest legitime son and heir apparent (dead before succession) of Louis XIV, King of France, and of María Teresa de Austria, Queen consort of France
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Louis of France, Dauphin of France (1 November 1661 – 14 April 1711) was the eldest son and heir of Louis XIV, King of France and his wife, Maria Theresa of Spain. He was called the "Grand Dauphin" (which is "Le Grand Dauphin" in French) because his great-grandson who was the son of Louis XV and the father of Louis XVI, Louis, Dauphin of France (1729-1765).

Louis, Grand Dauphin
Dauphin of France
Portrait by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1697
Dauphin of France
Tenure1 November 1661 — 14 April 1711
Born(1661-11-01)1 November 1661
Château de Fontainebleau, France
Died14 April 1711(1711-04-14) (aged 49)
Château de Meudon, France
Burial28 April 1711
Royal Basilica, Saint Denis, France
FatherLouis XIV of France
MotherMarie Therese of Austria
SignatureLouis, Grand Dauphin's signature

He married twice. His first wife was Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria. They married in 1680 and had 3 children together. She died in 1690. His second was Marie Émilie de Joly from their marriage in 1695 until Louis's death in 1711. They had one son, who died in 1697.

Louis never became king as he died before his father did therefore, the heir became his eldest child, Louis, Duke of Burgundy. However, the Duke of Burgundy died a year later so the heir became the Duke of Burgundy's son, Louis XV.

  1. Louis of France, Duke of Burgundy (16 August 1682 - 18 February 1712), Duke of Burgundy and later Dauphin of France; married second cousin Maria Adelaide of Savoy and had the future Louis XV of France;
  2. Philippe of France (19 December 1683 - 9 July 1746), Duke of Anjou, (later King of Spain); became King of Spain in 1700; married second cousin Maria Luisa of Savoy and had issue; married again Elisabeth Farnese and had issue such as the future Dauphine of France, Infanta Maria Theresa;
  3. Charles of France (31 July 1686 – 5 May 1714), Duke of Berry, Alençon and of Angoulême Count of Ponthieu; married his first cousin Marie Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans and had issue but none survived over a year;

Thus, through Burgundy and Anjou, Louis ensured the continuation of the senior Bourbon line on the throne of France and the establishment of the cadet Spanish Bourbon dynasty respectively.



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