Lu Xun (Three Kingdoms)

Eastern Wu general and politician (183-245)

Lu Xun (Chinese: 陸遜:183-245) was a general and politician in Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China.

A painting of Lu Xun.

He showed his skills by helping defeat Guan Yu with the Wei army. Sun Quan saw his potential and promoted him to main strategist in the Wu army after the death of Lu Meng. He showed his talents at Yiling where his tactics and fire attack lead Wu to victory.In 228, he plot to defeat Cao Xiu's attack in Shiting.

He also as a important minister in Eastern Wu, led the political and diplomatic of Eastern Wu, and educate the princes, he also honored as the Imperial Chancellor in 244. But Lu Xun died of anger in 245 when related with the trouble of two princes.