Lucas Cruikshank

American actor

Lucas Alan Cruikshank[2] (born August 29, 1993)[3] is an American comedian and television actor.

Lucas Cruikshank
Cruikshank in 2014
Lucas Alan Cruikshank

(1993-08-29) August 29, 1993 (age 30)
Years active2005–present
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)[1]

He was born in Columbus, Nebraska on August 29, 1993.

He created his character Fred Figglehorn, and his Fred series for his channel, on the video-sharing website YouTube.[4] These videos are about Fred Figglehorn, a fictional 6-year-old who has a weird home life and "anger management issues".[5]

Cruikshank is openly gay. In a video released August 20, 2013, he came out saying "I'm gay. I feel so weird saying it on camera. But my family and friends have known for like three years. I just haven't felt the need to announce it on the Internet."[6][7][8][9]


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