M117 bomb

750-lb-class unguided aerial bomb family

The M117 is a general-purpose bomb. It is dropped from the air by an airplane. It is used by United States military forces. The M117 was used for the first time in the Korean War in the early 1950s. Its nominal weight is 750 pounds (340 kg), but its actual weight, depending on fuze and delay options, is around 820 pounds (372 kg). Its explosive content is 403 pounds (183 kg) of Minol 2 or Tritonal. The M117 can also be used with a low-drag tail fin for medium and high-altitude bombing.[1]

M117 bomb.jpg
Typefree-fall general-purpose bomb
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service1950's–present
Used byUnited States
WarsKorean War , Vietnam War
Production history
VariantsM117R, M117D
Mass340 kg
Length2.06 m-2.16 m
Diameter408 mm

Maximum firing rangechanges by method of employment
Warhead weight183 Kg

Wingspan520 mm
An F-100D of the 308th TFS, being loaded with Mk 117 750 lb bombs at Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam, in early 1966.