M20 motorway

motorway in Kent, England

The M20 is a motorway in Kent, England. It connects Folkestone and Dover to the M25 and London. The motorway is important because Dover and Folkestone are where you can use a ferry, or a train through the Channel Tunnel, to get to France.[1][2]

M20 shield
Route information
Part of E15
Maintained by Highways England
Length50.6 mi (81.4 km)
HistoryOpened: 1960 (as A20(M))
Renumbered: 1971
Completed: 1991
Major junctions
West endSwanley
Major intersections
J1 → M25 motorway

J3 → M26 motorway
East endFolkestone
CountryUnited Kingdom
Channel Tunnel
Road network

Junctions change

M20 motorway
mile (km) Westbound exits (B carriageway) Junction Eastbound exits (A carriageway)
Road continues as A20 to London J1 The North, Dartford Crossing A2,
Stansted Airport (M11),
The West, Sevenoaks (A21),
Reigate (A217), Gatwick Airport (M23), Heathrow Airport (M4) M25
Swanley B2173
17.8 (28.7) The North, Stansted Airport (M11), The West M25
Swanley B2173
Start of motorway
26.2 (42.2)
26.3 (42.4)
No access J2 Paddock Wood, Wrotham A20
Gravesend, Tonbridge A227
28.1 (45.3)
28.5 (45.8)
The West, Sevenoaks (A25)
Gatwick (M23)
Heathrow (M4, M25) M26
J3 No access
30.9 (49.7)
31.3 (50.3)
West Malling, Rochester, Tonbridge A228 J4 West Malling, Rochester, New Hythe A228
33.6 (54.1)
34.1 (54.8)
Aylesford A20 J5 Maidstone, Aylesford A20
35.4 (56.9) Maidstone, Chatham A229 J6 Maidstone, Chatham A229
36.8 (59.2)
37.2 (59.8)
Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Sheerness A249 J7 Maidstone, Sheerness A249
40.2 (64.7)
40.5 (65.1)
Maidstone (East) A20 J8 Lenham A20
53.6 (86.3)
54.1 (87.0)
Ashford A20
Tenterden, Canterbury A28
Faversham A251
J9 Ashford A20
Faversham A251
56.2 (90.5)
56.5 (91.0)
No access J10 Ashford A292
Ashford A292
Hastings A2070
J10a Hastings A2070
63.1 (101.5)
63.5 (102.2)
Canterbury B2068
Hythe (A261)
J11 Canterbury B2068
Hythe (A261)
65.7 (105.8) No access J11a Channel Tunnel
66.8 (107.5)
67.0 (107.8)
Cheriton, Channel Tunnel A20 J12 Cheriton, Channel Tunnel A20
68.0 (109.4)
68.1 (109.6)
Start of motorway J13 Folkestone A20
Folkestone A20 Road continues as A20 to Dover

References change

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