Macleans College

state secondary (year 9-15) school in Auckland, New Zealand

Macleans College is a secondary school in Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. The school was opened in 1980 by the Governor General Sir David Beattie. The current principal is Byron J Bentley. Over 2,500 students go to this school.[2] Students have a choice of which qualifications they want to do - NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement), and CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). [3]

Macleans College
2 Macleans Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Coordinates36°53′00″S 174°54′55″E / 36.8833°S 174.9152°E / -36.8833; 174.9152
TypeState co-ed secondary (year 9-13)
MottoVirtue mine honour
Ministry of Education Institution no.41
PrincipalByron J Bentley
School roll2490[1]
Socio-economic decile10

House system


Macleans was the first public school in New Zealand to use the "Whanau House System". This is dividing the school up into nine 'houses'. Each house contains about 300 students in total, with two classes of 30 students in each year. These nine houses are named after some famous people from New Zealand. The names are: Batten, Mansfield, Nieto, Rutherford, Kupe, Hillary, Te Kanawa, Snell and Upham. The school began with only 4 of these houses, but has got bigger over the years. The newest house is Upham house, which opened in 2003.



Some of the teachers at Macleans College are Dr Holborow (Physics Teacher). Mr Fletcher (History and Social Sciences teacher). Mrs Bungay (Computing and Information Management teacher). Mr Davidson (Social Sciences). Mr Edwards (Mathematics). Mrs Woodhead (English). Mrs Gill (English). Dr Kleinmans (Science and Chemistry). Ms Power (Science). Mr Tai (Science).

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