fictional character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry

Mabel "Madea" Simmons is a fictional African American character. "Madea" is played by Tyler Perry in drag clothing.

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Madea was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 26, 1935. "Big Mabel" Murfy was the name of her mother. Frederick Simmons was the name of her father. Madea grew up with a strict mother who was also nurturing to Madea's emotions. At age 9, Madea was charged for petty theft. When Madea was 16 years of age, her parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia. There, she attended Booker T. Washington High School. She had tried out for cheerleading and became a cheerleader. By the time Madea was 17, she began going out to night clubs and house parties. Her parents allowed Madea to party at this age. Around this time, Madea became a stripper and was given the name "Delicious". At 18, Madea was charged with illegal gambling, check fraud and identity theft. Around this time, Madea had at least two or three children. She supported herself and her children by pool dancing, stripping and professional wrestling. Madea graduated her high school in May 1959. That night, she had an affair with Thoedure Leroy Brown (also known as "Mr. Brown"). Madea became pregnant and had given birth to Cora Jean Simmons Brown. However, in the movie Madea's Big Happy Family, Mr. Brown had a DNA test which confirmed that he was not the father. Madea was diagnosed with type one diabetes and depression in her early 20s. She had became a bitter women around this time.

Madea's appearance is an elderly women who is not afraid to threaten anybody with her pistol. Madea usually helps her family through life situations, struggles and helping her family cope with one another. She teaches them wisdom; which helps them in their everyday life. Madea is also a forceful women who teaches young adults to act mature. Madea has been locked up in prison several times. She has outlived several of her husbands and lives off of their life security checks. Madea uses bad language and tone to speak to her family when they are disrespectful. She also has a bad temper and bad way of dealing with anger. Madea is known to be half African American and quarter-Cherokee Indian. She likes going to the casino on Sunday, rather than going to the church. Although Madea does not read the bible, she uses it to manipulate situations in order to justify what she had done.

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