Meitei literature

literature written in the Meitei language
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Meitei literature or Manipuri literature is the literature written in Meitei language (officially called Manipuri language). It refers to the texts composed in Meitei language since the 15th century BC till present. Most of them are associated with prose, fiction, drama, poetry and Sanamahism, the Meitei religion, and were composed in Ancient Manipur, Medieval Manipur and Modern Manipur.[2] The Puya (Meitei texts) served as the only basis of literature, besides the oral literature, in both ancient and medieval times.[3]

Meitei literature

(Manipuri literature)

Meitei: Meitei Khorirol

Old Manipuri: Meitei Loinasinlol
British English: Meit(h)ei literature[a]

The Numit Kappa, a Classical Meitei epic text written during the 1st century, based on ancient Meitei mythology and religion (Sanamahism)
Stylistic originsMeitei culture
Cultural originsMeitei culture
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  1. Most British scholars including Thomas Callan Hodson use the term "Meit(h)ei" instead of "Meitei".[1]


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