Manlio Rocchetti

Italian make-up artist

Manlio Rocchetti (28 November 1943 – 10 January 2017) was an Italian makeup artist. He won an Academy Award at the 1989 Academy Awards for Best Makeup for the movie Driving Miss Daisy, which he shared with Lynn Barber and Kevin Haney.[2]

Manlio Rocchetti
Born28 November 1943[1]
Rome, Italy
Died10 January 2017 (aged 73)
Other namesM. Rocchetti
Occupationmakeup artist
Years active1960–2017

His career started in 1960 and he has continued working on makeup with most recently in 2012. He often works with Martin Scorsese.[3]

He also won an Emmy for the makeup in Lonesome Dove.


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