Margaret, Maid of Norway

Queen of Scotland

Margaret (Norwegian: Margrete Scottish Gaelic: Maighread; March/April 1283 – September 1290), was Queen of Scots from 1286 to 1290 after the death of Alexander III of Scotland in 1286.[1]

Queen of Scots
Disputed reign1286–1290
PredecessorAlexander III
BornMarch/April 1283
Tønsberg, Norway
DiedSeptember 1290 (aged 7)
Orkney Islands, Norway
FatherEric II of Norway
MotherMargaret of Scotland

Margaret was born in Norway. Her father was King Eric II of Norway and her mother was a Scottish princess, also named Margaret. Margaret's mother's father was Alexander III, the king of Scotland. When Alexander died, the Scottish lords decided his granddaughter Margaret should be their queen. At that time, Margaret was three years old.[1]

The Scottish lords and King Erik agreed that Margaret would marry Edward, an English prince. Then, Scotland and England would be one kingdom.[1]

In 1290, Margaret got on a ship to go from Norway to Scotland. On the way, she became sick. The ship stopped in Orkney, where Margaret died. She was buried in Bergen, Norway.[1]

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