Margaret Olley

Australian painter (1923-2011)

Margaret Olley ( 24 June, 1923, Lismore, New South Wales - 26 July, 2011, Paddington, New South Wales) was an Australian artist.[1][2] She was well known for generous gifts of paintings and money to public art galleries in Australia.[1] These gifts included works by Cezanne and Picasso.[3] She is also famous for being the model for portraits. Two paintings of her won the Archibald Prize; William Dobell's painting in 1948, and Ben Quilty's in 2011.[1] She was described by Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, as a great artist and a true Australian national treasure.[2]

Margaret Olley in 2009

She grew up on sugarcane farms in Queensland, and her artistic talent was noticed at school.[4] Her teachers convinced her parents she should study art at the Brisbane Technical College.[4] She then moved to Sydney and studied art at the East Sydney Technical College.[1] She held the first of her 90 exhibitions in 1948.[1] Many of her paintings were of things around her home such as flowers and bowls of fruit.[2] In 1996 she was given Australia's highest honour, the Companion of the Order of Australia.[4]


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