Marie Claude Naddaf

Marie Claude Naddaf (Arabic: ماري كلود نداف ) is an activist and a nun from Syria. In 2010, she received an International Women of Courage Award. [1]

Sister Marie Claude Naddaf of Syria in 2010 with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (left) and First lady Michelle Obama (right).


In 1994, Naddaf became Mother Superior at the Good Shepherd Convent in Damascus. In 1996, she opened the "Oasis Shelter" with her convent. The Oasis Shelter was the first organization for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence in Syria. [1] She also started the first telephone hotline in Syria. It was part of an emergency shelter for women.[1][2]

Naddaf worked for the right of women in police custody in Syria to go to shelter, if they are victims of trafficking.[1] She also started a nursery school and a vocational education program at the prison for women in Damascus.[1]


She received a 2010 International Women of Courage award.[3][4]


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